Flower Hair Clips for your wedding day hairstyle

by Judith Cartier Oliver on July 21, 2009

Adding hair accessories such as Flower Hair clips to your wedding day hairstyle is a wonderful way to add a touch of romance and style to your wedding day look.  Certainly adding any type of flower whether fresh or silk is a beautiful touch to your beach wedding or traditional wedding. 


Here is a lovely silk Gardenia Flower Hair clip that has been adorned with genuine Swarovski Crystals and a vintage center Swarovski Crystal button.  The Ostrich plumes add that vintage look and this hair clip can be worn on the side behind your ear or to the side of a French twist. These clips are so comfortable that once it has been placed you won’t even know you are wearing it!


Above is a fun set of silk Delphinium Flower bobby pins also adorned with the lovely clear Swarovski crystals.  You can try one or two of these  flower hair clips depending on your hair style and even place them close together surrounded with little hair pins for a truly unique look.


Now her is a larger silk Delphinium Flower Hair clip which is a great alternative if you are not wanting the Ostrich feather plume but still want to wear a larger flower.  The flower hair clip is also perfect worn either on the side just behind your ear or at the back as a finishing touch.


I love this silk Delphinium Flower Hair clip which is a medium size with a smaller Ostrich plume.  The medium size is perfect when you want to add additional hair accessory accents to your hair.  This style is perfect behind the ear. You get just enough of the feather plumes showing from the front and it is understated at the same time.


This flower hair clip is the same style as above but shows you how to mix in colors with the feather plumes.  This one is shown in white with a black ostrich feather plume and many times there can be other colors available.  This flower hair clip was perfect for one of my brides who whore a white dress with charcoal accents.


Now just for fun, imagine a deep Bordeaux red wedding dress adorned with Swarovski crystals and this flower hair clip accent. Can I say perfect!  This was a custom ordered flower hair clip created to go with such a dress and you can see the flower is a very deep wine red , adorned with Swarovski Crystals to give just enough texture and sparkle to the flower and is adorned with burgundy and black ostrich plume feathers.


Flower hair clips can come in a variety of colors and styles for the flowers themselves and for the feathers. The beautiful rose flower clip above is another custom order.  The crystals are set to create the look of raindrops on the leaves and the leaves which are not visible in this picture were adorned with green and ruby crystals.

As you think about whether you want to wear one or multiple flower hair clips on your wedding day, it is important to think about your hairstyle and where you would want to place your flowers.  Flower hair clips are also available in even smaller sizes for those who might want to add several small flowers to their up do.

My most important piece of advice is makes sure if you want to add a flower flip to your wedding day hair style that you purchase a quality flower such as silk. Not only should the hair clip be finished nicely on the back, but the flower will not look plastic or cheap!  The whole idea is accenting your beautiful gown and yourself of course with a premium flower hair clip.

Lastly, adding a flower hair clip to your everyday is not such a bad idea either.  I have an entire collection of different styles of flower hair clips that I wear on a regular basis that make me feel pretty for the day. As you know, it really is "all about celebrating the girl in us" in my world. Why not add that touch of sparkle and prettiness to our lives each day!

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