Beautiful Wedding and Bridal Party Jewelry Sets plus Hair Accessories That Add Sparkle and Color for 2014 Weddings!

You can easily have your Wedding and Bridal Party Jewelry Sets created in a wide array of Swarovski Crystal and Pearl colors to match your wedding theme!   2014 Weddings are seeing more splashes of color to add vibrancy to celebrations!   The trend this year is to add some color to your wedding day jewelry and bridal headpiece designs.  Whether you match your colors or choose a complimentary or contrast color for your jewelry, make sure you are choosing styles and colors that reflect you!

Tiara Swarovski Crystal -Silver Wire

Chandelier Earrings Swarovski Crystal - Sterling SilverNecklace Swarovski Crystal - Sterling Silver Figure 8 Chain

The Rose Garden Tiara above is a wonderful illustration of how to use multiple colors to coordinate.  The Necklace and earrings demonstrate how to use 2 colors together that compliment one another.  In this example you can easily pair these with with deep purples to light  orchid hues.

Chandelier Earrings Swarovski Pearls - Swarovski Crystal - Sterling Silver

Perhaps you want to go softer with the colors? Try using pearls with a splash of Swarovski Crystal color to create a more subtle and yet colorful effect. Perhaps you bridal party jewelry can be in lots of color and your wedding day jewelry have the complimentary color added in.  The choice is yours!

Drop Style Earrings Swarovski Crystal - Sterling Silver

Pale and vibrant blues continue to be a popular and classic color for weddings.  You can contrast with a dark midnight blue navy pearl or choose to go with complimentary soft blue colors just depending on the color of your fabric.

Chandelier Earrings Swarovski Crystal - Sterling SilverTiara Swarovski Pearls - Swarovski Crystal - Silver Wire

Mixing blue Swarovski pearls and Aqua Swarovski crystals gives a beautiful ocean effect.  Sapphire crystals are amazing for cobalt colors. Add several colors into your bridal tiara to give that pop of color!

Hair Pin Swarovski Crystal -Gold WireHeadband Swarovski Crystal -Silver Wire

Bracelet Swarovski Crystal - Sterling SilverNecklace and Earring Set Swarovski Crystal - Sterling Silver Figure 8 Chain

Greens can be tricky at times to match!  Between light green, olive green and teal, there is a wide spectrum of color.  Look at your colros and decide if you have a yellow or blue undertone to your green and then consult with your jewelry designer.

Barrette Swarovski Pearls - Swarovski Crystal - Silver WireDrop Style Earrings Swarovski Pearls - Swarovski Crystal - Sterling Silver

In this set of pictures, you can easily see the different hues of green colors available. Many times it can be fun to just add a little bit of color with a neutral color pearl.  Adding in fun hair accessories can complete the look.  Whether adding in a headband, a barrette or hair pins, these accessories can tie the whole picture together.

Tiara Swarovski Crystal -Silver WireChandelier Earrings Swarovski Crystal - Sterling Silver

Drop Style Earrings Swarovski Pearls - Swarovski Crystal - Sterling SilverNecklace, Earring and Bracelet Set Swarovski Pearls - Swarovski Crystal - Sterling Silver

Reds will always be the color of love and be popular.  Go bold with your red!   Whether you choose to have your bridal tiara in all vibrant red or perhaps your wedding jewelry in shades of red, adding color can look fabulous in photographs!  It is rare to find anyone in the bridesmaid party who does not like red.  Lavish them with colorful bright jewelry that makes them feel special along your side.

Necklace Swarovski Crystal - Diamond Cut Sterling Silver ChainBarrette Swarovski Crystal -Silver Wire

There are hundreds of possibilities in choosing color combinations with Swarovski Crystals and Swarovski pearls!  You can visit the Swarovski Crystal Color charts for more ideas.

Above all, be true to yourself!  Choose jewelry styles and colors that reflect you.  The best compliment ever is when someone says “that color is so you”.  Colors affect our emotions and we all have different favorite colors in life. So make it all about you and have fun choosing your wedding and bridal party jewelry and hair accessories.  You and your bridesmaids will have these keepsake for years to come to remind you of your special day!

Bridesmaid Jewelry to Match 2014 Bridal Party Dresses Pantone Colors

Choosing Bridesmaid Jewelry in Crystal and pearls to match your 2014 Bridal Party dresses is exciting, easy and affordable!  Pantone has released their 2014 Color Report for Spring and the colors abound with so many beautiful choices!


Purple shades continue to lead as one of the most popular colors for weddings from Eggplant to vibrant Orchid to soft palettes of Violet .  Shades of Blues and soft Greens tend to be the second runner up. Brighter Yellows and Orange hues are also being seen as fantastic colors for Spring and Summer weddings. Traditional neutral tones in greys and light beige taupe tones also continue to offer variety.

You can easily choose jewelry from an amazing array on the Swarovski Crystal color chart.  You may also consider adding in Swarovski Pearls to your design too!


The Pantone Color of the year is Radiant Orchid which is rich and vibrant.  Who doesn’t love orchids with their delicate tropical trailing bouquet of flowers. Here are two examples of the shade.  You can see it can vary from more purple to more pink tones.  Violet and Fuchsia crystals have been a popular mix. Try adding in a contrast color to your jewelry so the orchid will pop and be the main attraction.

radiantorchid2014 radiantorchid2014b

Violet Austrian Swarovski Crystal 

  Fuchsia Austrian Swarovski Crystal

Dazzling Blue is similar to a brighter royal cobalt blue and is quite versatile when adding in wedding accessories.  Sapphire, Cobalt or complimentary colors bode well with this color of blue.


Sapphire Austrian Swarovski Crystal

Celosa Orange takes orange to a slightly softer level and yet retains the energy of the color!  The color makes me think of sherbet, a truly yummy color. Fire Opal AB crystals have orange and yellow in them and are truly unique.


Fireopal Austrian Swarovski Crystal

Hemlock is  a soft pale green that has less blue than the mint colors of last year and is soft on the eyes.  Chrysolite crystal has a soft light minty green but you may decide to add another color to the equation to give a contrast look.  As you can see, you can easily add in Rose Pink for a pop of color!


Chrysolite Austrian Swarovski Crystal

Cayenne definitely brings in a bright hyacinth orange red color for fiery energy. A mix of Hyacinth and Hyacinth AB Swarovski crystals are a superb choice for keeping the vibrancy.


Hyacinth Austrian Swarovski Crystal

Violet Tulip has a soft lilac appeal which gives a Victorian effect.   Violet, Light Amethyst and even adding in Lilac or Tanzanite crystals depending on the shade can be beautiful fun choices for your bridesmaid accessories.


Violet Austrian Swarovski Crystal

Placid Blue has just enough color to give a soft dreamy romantic effect.  Lavender and Light Azore can be fun crystals to use as an accent color.


Lavender Austrian Swarovski Crystal

Freesia yellow gives a super bright shock of yellow juts like the flower.   There are many shades of yellow Swarovski crystals to choose from.  You could choose Light Topaz or go with Jonquil AB for a light soft yellow contrast.


Light Topaz Austrian Swarovski Crystal

Paloma is a grey neutral tone that you can add contrast colors for a pop!  Black Diamond is a medium grey crystal and goes well with this olor.  Try adding a bolder color with these crystals such as Jet black to create a stunning effect.


Black Diamond Austrian Swarovski Crystal

Sand offers a nice array of soft beige tones. Adding golden and brown tones is stunning. Golden Shadow and Silk crystals have been used to create a dream soft pallet of color.


Golden Shadow (Champagne) Austrian Swarovski Crystal

What an amazing array of colors to choose from that are spicy, romantic, classic and modern.  When choosing your bridesmaid jewelry, think about whether you wish to match , compliment or contrast with your bridal party dress color to create a stunning look for your dearest girlfriends.  Having custom bridesmaid jewelry is affordable and is a wonderful keepsake!

Doctor Who Wedding Day Event Planning Ideas

Recently a wonderful friend Alisa and Chris had an amazing the Doctor Who themed wedding day celebration.  They are such an amazing couple and created a day filled with many of their special passions that they share together. For anyone who is an avid Doctor Who follower, here are some fun ideas to inspire you as you create and plan your wedding day event.

As you can see, the beautiful couple came dressed for the occasion. The groom with his special tie, the bride with her special navy  Swarovski crystal and pearl bridal jewelry set custom created for her special day.

Look at this amazing cake created by Extra Special Cakes which is a local bakery in Mount Vernon Washington.   She had the local bakery close to her reception site create this wonderful cake.  


Her cake toppers of the 10th Doctor Who and Rose were hand made out of clay by her friend Stephanie who had no idea she had these artistic skills. My hopes are that she will translate these skills into a special custom order business soon. I will update and in the meantime if you are interested in her cake toppers you can email me directly and I can put you in touch!  Of course the cake would not be right with out the Tardis! 


Adding Tardis string lights creates an added fun effect for special lighting. Think Geek carries these lights although make sure you order ahead of time as they tend to sell out quickly.

drwhogreennapkins drwhoblueplates

drblueflatware drwhostemware

The happy couple decided to go with a cobalt navy blue and emerald green motif for table settings.  Create your table setting using cobalt blue plates and silverware and accent with emerald green napkins and stemware.  This combination gave a fun pop and made it festive for everyone!

doctorwhofavor  doctorwhofavor2

You always want to thank your friends for sharing in your day. Add your table favor boxes in Doctor Who themed color. Use navy boxes with fun blue and white ribbons or reverse it and use White boxes with Navy Cobalt blue ribbons.

doctorwhocandles3 doctorwhocandles4

A simple and inexpensive way to add ambience to the tables is to add blue glass votive candles.  I might suggest Ikea or Save on Crafts for bulk votive holders and tea lights.  The final effect is stunning and you can easily use these again long after your wedding. There are also battery operated blue candle lights available.


A final touch, a set of custom Doctor Who Tardis wine glasses for enjoying all the toast your family and friends will be making on your wedding day!

I hope these ideas will inspire you to become creative in planning your Doctor Who wedding day celebration.  Add your own trademark to create a most perfect event for you!

Vera Wang 2014 Spring Bridal Collection Presents Stunning Gowns

Vera Wang is one of my favorite bridal gown designers to watch each year as she never disappoints.  Her new Spring Collection for 2014 features a playful array of black on white, geometric shapes and dramatic silhouettes.  Each bridal gown has it’s own unique story and presents fresh ideas for couture wedding gowns.


These are not your traditional bridal gowns rather these gowns aim to be unconventional pushing the boundaries for the bride who wishes to make her own edgy statement. These are gowns that create a presence and are unforgettable.


I love many of the designs that have a slight Gothic edgier look to them.  The designs emote a feeling of sexiness and originality.

looneymaidenvw2014g looneymaidenvw2014n

Her ivory bridal gowns feature lace bodices and skirts, Chantilly lace accents, silk crepe and organza.  I love the addition of the black leather gloves which provides a framing.


Black silk bodices with diagonal straps create a strong statement with flowing hand draped skirts.


A bold center black stripe or bodice with full flowy skirts create an illusion for the eye.  Just think of how stunning the photographs will be.


Whether you love or hate these designs, you have to agree, Vera Wang always is pushing the envelope with her designs.   However these designs are not for the timid, one has to be bold in wearing what is not the norm! Vera Wang, pushing the envelop since 1990!

Bridesmaid Jewelry for Alfred Angelo Dress Colors 2013

You can easily find custom Bridesmaid Jewelry  for your Alfred Angelo dress colors.  Did you know you can have custom jewelry created to match that is high quality and affordable?  Alfred Angelo is one of my favorite companies for providing  a wide range of fabric colors and dress styles.  Each year they add new colors which always delights me to say the least!  What’s even better is that Swarovski Crystal always adds new colors each year to keep up with the new color trends.  

Here are some color ideas to match the top color trends for 2013 for their Dream in Color collection.  Alfred Angelo offers a wonderful variety of colors!  You can order their swatch card to easily have fabric samples too!  The colors listed are for genuine Swarovski crystal colors.  There are so many combinations to choose from so be creative.


Viola –  Purple Velvet and Lilac  are a pretty combination for this unique color. You can always choose all Clear AB for a beautiful rainbow effect.

Eggplant – Purple Velvet is exact match. You can add Tanzanite , Crystal Cal, Provence Lavender for a complimentary color.


Fuchsia – I love blending Fuchsia and Rose together

Pomegranate – Indian Pink and Indian Pink Ab are perfect for this rich color.


Cobalt – There is a Cobalt crystal available upon special order that matches this color.  You can also choose Dark Sapphire which is a navy color and add cobalt accents. 

Pool – A mix of Aqua and Aqua AB has been a perfect color combination.  There is a new color available by request called Light Turquoise which is a slight shade darker that is beautiful with this color too.


Jade – The perfect crystal color is Blue Zircon and you can mix Indicolite as an accent color to give a slightly more teal effect.

Shamrock – This green color requires an accent color for it.  The closest green that will compliment is called Light Emerald which is available upon request.  You can also choose a neutral Clear Ab for fun sparkle.


Coral – I have mixed Light Rose Ab with the new crystal color Rose Peach which is beautiful and brings in the tone of the color.  Indian Pink is also an option to mix with the Light rose for a stronger orange pink effect.

Tangelo – Such a beautiful color like a creamsicle.  I have found the Sun crystal to be fantastic if you want that shock of orange.  Light Peach Ab is a nice accent color. Fire Opal has also been fun for a contrast effect.


Loves First Blush  – Rosaline is a beautiful matching choice for this soft blush color.

Tea Rose – Light Rose or Rosaline are beautiful soft pinks for this feminine color.


Pistachio – Chrysolite is a very pale green with a slight blue undertone and the Peridot is a slight apple green with a yellow undertone.  Either can go with this color so it really depends on your personal choice.  The two crystal colors have also been mixed together for a bold effect.

Sunshine – The Jonquil AB is my first choice for a light pale yellow accent crystal . If you wish the yellow to be deeper in color I would suggest the Light Topaz.


Cherry – This vibrant red is fun and the Light Siam or Light Siam AB are fantastic matched for this color.

Berry – Ruby and Amethyst are a great color combination.  The Ruby or Ruby Ab is slightly more brighter than the fabric color but a beautiful rich choice of color.

I hope I have inspired you with color choices and ideas on how to mix crystal colors to create your own unique effect.  Think about the look you want for your special bridesmaids.  Do you want to bring in your wedding theme colors?  Do you want to have their dress color pop out and have their jewelry in more neutral complimentary tones?

You are ready to choose beautiful bridesmaid jewelry sets to match your Alfred Angelo dresses. This is a fun experience and is a lovely personalized wedding jewelry gift for them. 

Beach Wedding Bridal Jewelry Sets Ideas in Pearls and Swarovski Crystals

Planning a Beach Wedding?  Bridal Jewelry Sets can be affordable and custom made in Pearls and Swarovski Crystals creating a most perfect effect for your wedding day!   There are so many looks for beach destination weddings. I t really comes down to what is the look you want?  Sparkling like the sea or organic like the feel of the shore, you can easily create the most perfect look!  Wedding Jewelry Sets are keepsakes that will be a special keepsake you will keep forever and wear again and again!

I love this photo above!  This wedding ceremony took place on the Olympic Peninsula in western Washington.  Why yes! There are beautiful beaches there and some of the bluest skies you have ever seen.  This beautiful bride chose to have her jewelry created in Light Sapphire Blue Swarovski Crystals to capture the beauty of the sea and one of their favorite beaches.


I love this recent wedding photograph from one of our brides who was so thrilled to find the perfect bridal jewelry set for her destination beach wedding.    The crystal and teardrop pearl necklace and earrings were a perfect for her gown and adding the touch of the orchid gave just the perfect touch of tropical to pull her entire look together. 


Adding a crystal and pearl back lariat bridal necklace and earring jewelry set adds glamour and a sparkling feminine touch to her ensemble.  Adding the orchids on each side of her wedding veil added such a  beautiful romantic look.


Many brides worry about what to wear as their wedding day hair accessories.  As you saw in the previous pictures, hair flowers and crystal barrettes were added for the final look.  In the picture above, beautiful Pearl and Swarovski crystal hairpins are added to a gorgeous updo to keep that organic look for the beach.  You can choose your colors too!

Think about you and your fiance’ and the essence you both desire for your wedding day.  There are no rules, the options are truly endless.  Having your perfect bridal jewelry set created for you is a special gift you can gift yourself and will create beautiful moments of fantastic memories.

Best Wedding Cakes in Seattle

Looking for a special wedding cake in Seattle?  Well here are my top places I might recommend to purchase your wedding cake in the Seattle and surrounding area.  There a hundreds of bakeries to choose from and so many high quality bakeries , so I narrowed the list down to a few that I know have wonderful and unique cakes and cater to being more personal for customers. 

First off,  I would have to start with TM Dessert Works is a local company located in the Phinney Ridge area of Seattle and they first opened their business in 1990 and are still going strong.  I recently stopped in their bakery shop and had to purchase an Espresso cheesecake and Coconut crème tart for home.   Oh goodness, I was in heaven.  While I was there I was able to view some of the amazing special order cakes.  Beautiful presentations and they use high quality ingredients in their cakes.  They recommend eating small slices as the cakes are so rich and yummy.  Their bakery is open Tuesday through Friday from 8:30 am – 4 pm and Saturday from 8:30 am – 2 pm.

Wedding Cake 1 Wedding Cake 3

From traditional to unique wedding and special occasion cakes, each cakes is wrapped with white or dark chocolate and decorated with chocolate petals and finished with fresh flowers.  TM Dessert Works will provide a consultation so you can choose just the right cake for your wedding.

wedding cake 6wedding cake 7

Another one of my favorites over all of the years is Mikes Amazing Cakes  located in Redmond Washington.  As a vendor at the Seattle Wedding Show, I have always been in awe every year as I see his cakes in person.  Each cake is created to be a piece of artwork, exquisitely designed.   If you have a theme wedding and want a unique cake that reflects your wedding day , well, it can be done!  What is entirely amazing is that they ship their cakes all over the United States!

Whether you are choosing a traditional style layered cake or a zany fun theme wedding cake, Mike’s Amazing Cakes pays attention to all the fine you see in the pictures. 

Of course with all this detail, it’s not cheap to purchase these cakes however if you have the budget and want a personalized cake, this si the place for you!

A more recent addition to my favorite list is Cake Envy which is located on the north side of the Green Lake area of Seattle.  I first happened upon them and had one of their delish cupcakes.   When you enter the bakery, you are struck by the white crispness of the space.  Their cakes follow along the same lines with precise and crisp lines which give a more modern look to cakes.


You can easily see in some of the examples the whimsical fun cake designs.  The use of vibrant contrast of shapes and colors makes these cakes absolutely stunning!  They are know for their amazing light creamy buttercream frosting.

Here is a more traditional take with one of their wedding cakes. Classic lines and  romantic deep red roses.  They also have an amazing range of cupcakes and cake pops that can be added to match.

There are certainly so many more wonderful bakeries in the Seattle area.  These were just a  few of my top favorites.   If you are in search for the perfect wedding cake, take time to meet with your top choices to discuss your vision, taste their cakes and get pricing and then compare.  This way you can make an informed choice and feel like you were part of your wedding day cake creation.  Happy Tasting!

Unique Seattle Wedding Venues for Ceremony and Reception

Here are some of my favorite Seattle Wedding Venues.  Please know this list is not even exhaustive but I chose a mix of different style venues to help get you started on your search for the perfect place for you to have your wedding and reception.   As you think about the venues here are some questions to help get you started.

  • Think about what you want your total budget to be?
  • Do you want your wedding ceremony and reception all together  in one setting or do you want only a reception at the venue?
  • For your reception, do you want to have a formal sit down dinner or do you want to have a more casual setting with hors d’ouevre’s and general seating?
  • Do you need space for music and dancing?
  • Do you need a central location for your venue especially if you have out of town guests arriving?
  • What type of setting have you envisioned for your wedding?  Do you want formal elegant, rustic, vintage?

Ok, now you are ready to get started. Below I have provided information on some of the venues I think are more unique and offer  a range of service as well as price ranges.


Bell Harbor located on the Seattle Waterfront offers several different event settings to choose from with gorgeous views of panoramic views of Puget Sound, Olympic Mountains, and Downtown Seattle.  There are several settings they offer which also include the Maritime Event Center and the World Trade Center.  

The Canal Image

Jewel Hospitality  manages 4 unique locations in the greater Seattle Area from the Great Hall at Union Station downtown, Stone Manor which offers a lush elegant venue, Stimson-Greene  Manor which offers a darker old century flavor  to the Canal near the Ballard locks that offers a more contemporary feel and has a fantastic view of the water.

Herban Feast offers a private venue event space located in Sodo Park district just south of downtown Seattle.  Many describe the setting giving a rustic  barn feel with elegant décor that brings a beautiful dreamy effect. The venue features high ceilings with exposed beams, “an urban loft” design.  They offer a full range of services.

For  something a little more understated, a little hidden gem is the Melrose Market Studio located on the edge of Capitol Hill in Seattle.  They offer full day pricing for the space for $750 –$2500 on the premium weekends.  The space has red brick walls, high ceilings, Douglas Fir beams and polished concrete floors and really can give you the warmth of the Northwest history. This may be just the right space if you are looking for a space in which you can create a very unique celebration.

Thinking about a Vintage style wedding?  The Georgetown Ballroom may be just the right venue for you.  Located south of downtown in the Georgetown district, this hall offers flexibility with their space and there is also an outside patio area which I imagine would be fantastic in the summertime.  There are exposed Beams, brick walls, flexibility for decorating and even a stage.  It is described as funky, eclectic and charming.

Hopefully reviewing some of these venues has helped get you started.  Take a look at their websites to gather information.  Look at photo images of different events that have taken place there to get an idea for how your decoration ideas might fit.  Schedule visits to view the facilities and meet the staff or coordinator. Make sure that you compare several venues, even if the first one seems perfect.   Trust your gut, you will know which Seattle wedding venue feels just right for your wedding day!

Weddings in Seattle Ideas to create your beautiful ceremony!

Thinking about having your wedding in Seattle?  The options abound for creating a beautiful wedding day!   Seattle is known for the beautiful Puget Sound and waterways, the view of the gorgeous Cascade or Olympic Mountain ranges,  the lush green landscapes, colorful flowers and the list goes on.  Seattle is also known for a range of options from the classic and contemporary to stepping out of the box and being completely different.  It is a city that embraces individuality.


As you think about your wedding day celebration, I encourage you to start off by answering some very simple questions below. These will help create some guidelines and ideas as you venture forward in your planning

  • Who do you intend on inviting to share in your beautiful wedding day?
  • What type of  ceremony  would best represent who you are as a couple?
  • Where do you envision taking your vows? 
  • When is your wedding date?  Which Season will it be? Which day of the week?
  • How much do you want to spend?

Once you have answered these questions you are ready for the next step.  Make sure to write your ideas down!


The first step is to find your wedding ceremony and reception area.  There are endless possibilities or where to have your wedding in Seattle.  You may decide to have your ceremony in one location and reception in an alternate location.  There are no rules, rather it is more important to choose the settings that will make you most happy! 


Even though we certainly have our share of rain here in Seattle, we still have many beautiful days even in the Fall.    We also can show our individual style such as the couple in the picture above.  I love the added turquoise rain boots and purple parasol!  So much fun to be able to add in your own personal elements for your special day.


The Seattle skyline is one of so much beauty!  Even an evening wedding can be amazingly beautiful capturing the essence of the city in which you share your love. For attendees visiting from out of state, just think of all the awesomeness Seattle has to offer them too!

AS a couple, discuss all of your ideas together.  Visit local wedding shows to meet local Seattle vendors to discuss your ideas and find out options and costs. Visit venues to find just the right place!  Buy local wedding magazines such as Seattle Bride & Groom and Seattle Bride for even more ideas. Join the local Seattle Knot forums to talk with other brides who are also in the middle of their wedding planning for referrals and ideas.

Wedding planning takes time, in the end it is very much worth the time spent. In the coming weeks I will discuss each step and give you planning ideas for creating your perfect wedding in Seattle!

Pink Wedding Day Planning Ideas and Bridal Accessories

So you want to plan a Pink Wedding Day!  Pink has always been a  popular color incorporated into weddings.  After all Pink is the color of unconditional love, compassion and nurturing. Why not add this beautiful color into your décor, bridal and bridesmaid gowns and accessories.

 pinkweddings1a pinkweddings1 

Whether you add a full soft palette of pinks to your reception décor or add touches of pink to your table tops, pink can look glamorous and alluring.  There are multitudes of shades to use from the palest of pinks to bold hot pinks.

pinkweddings8  pinkweddings6

Choosing a wedding gown, you can consider how much pink do you want.  There are so many options available from faint blush pink to the boldest of all pinks. You may want to choose an ivory bridal gown that has pink accents.  Here are some great examples of gowns that have a touch of pink added to them.

pinkweddings4Pinkwedding 2

You may want to go bold with your pink and perhaps have your bridal party also coordinated with your pink wedding color theme. Think about the shade and how much pink you want for your photo’s.   You can see below and entire different look of each wedding party using hot fuchsia pink and using a pale pink.


Now the same as you look at these wedding dresses side by side.  Each dress has a unique style from modern to soft Cinderella romantic.


Add pink wedding accessories to finalize your look.  If you want to add bold pinks to an ivory wedding gown, use bright pink shoes or headpieces to make a bold statement.


For your men’s attire, consider adding pink to their boutonniere’s, silk ties and cuff links.

pinkmens1 pinkmens2

For soft romantic pinks, consider adding in blush tone pink bridal jewelry and soft hair flower clips for a touch of feminine pink.   Have your jewelry and hair accessories custom made to order.  You will be able to wear these items again long after your wedding day.


Hopefully you are feeling inspired to think outside the box and add your pink to your wedding day. As you can see, it is easy to add lots of pink tastefully creating  beautiful and memorable wedding day photo’s!

Choose a Splash of Wedding Theme Colors for your Swarovski Crystal Bridesmaid Jewelry Sets

You can easily add in a splash of colors to go with your wedding day theme by having unique Bridesmaid Jewelry sets created in Swarovski Crystals.   There is a continuing trend of either choosing a neutral dress color such as black or choosing bridal party gowns in several different colors to add in your favorite colors for your wedding day!

Recently I was asked to create bridal party jewelry in six different colors to match the flower bouquets they will be carrying for the ceremony. They will all be dressed in black bridesmaid gowns and the colour will be added in with their flowers and jewelry!  What a fantastic way to create a beautiful essence and photo’s to remember your day.

There a multitudes of color selections and combinations to choose from when choosing from Swarovski Crystals and Swarovski Pearls.  You can easily refer to the colors by looking at the Swarovski Crystal Color chart


Choosing crystal colors can be fun.  Many times you can find a perfect match or you can also choose a complimentary shade.  In the picture above you can see how each color is reflected in the bridesmaid jewelry sets.  Below you can see the colors to be used in the bouquets. What a fun way to add that splash of color to make your wedding truly unique!


Rose Austrian Swarovski CrystalLight Topaz Austrian Swarovski CrystalFireopal Austrian Swarovski Crystal

Peridot Austrian Swarovski CrystalAquamarine Austrian Swarovski CrystalViolet Austrian Swarovski Crystal

You can see with the grouping of crystals and flowers how corresponding accent crystal colors were chosen. You can also choose the matching designs or perhaps choose a different design for each bridesmaid. The wedding photographs are going to look amazing.

Best of all, each member of the bridal party will receive a beautiful keepsake bridesmaid jewelry set they can cherish from your day and also wear in the future.  Let yourself get creative!

Dark Navy Midnight Blue Wedding Theme Accessories and Bridal Jewelry Ideas for 2013

Classic dark navy blue or midnight blue has reemerged this year in force for 2013 wedding themes.  Not that the color ever went out of style, but the choices and offerings this year are plentiful for coordinating bridesmaid dresses, wedding décor and more.   Although you can certainly mix a multitude of colors with dark blues, the most popular mix and one of my favorites is combining silver, grey and platinum’s as accent colors.  This combination gives  a classic sharp look to your wedding day.


Ties in your navy color theme with a sash for your wedding gown.  There are many Navy Gowns as well as gowns with beautiful navy accents to tie in your theme.  You can add a special dark blue navy wedding cake with your accent color.


Think about your flowers , accessories and your wedding cake.  I love the glamour of this cake.  It looks like it is covered in crystals for a starlight look.  Perfect for an evening wedding.


Create a gorgeous décor with a midnight starlight theme in a soft palette of blues , silver and starlight effects..  Add in mirror top tables and blue crystal vases for extra sparkle.


I love the look of adding in silver, grey and lavender blue flowers and décor for a soft elegant look.

For your flowers, add in an accent color to your blue flowers to give that extra pop.


Add blue into your wedding hair accessories such as your bridal tiara,  hair combs or Swarovski crystal headband and bridal jewelry set.

Tiara Swarovski Crystal -Swarovski Pearls-Silver WireHeadband Swarovski Crystal -Silver Wire

Adorn your bridesmaids jewelry sets with dark sapphire crystals created custom as a keepsake gift for your special girl friends .   Add the accent color to their design for a truly custom look.

Bracelet and Earrings Set Swarovski Crystal - Sterling SilverNecklace Swarovski Crystal - Sterling Silver

There are so many other accessories to choose from including pillows with navy adornments and even navy shoes to match!


Dark Blues and midnight blues offer a perfect palette for adding color.  Add orange, yellows, purples and more in creating your unique wedding day look.  The combinations are endless!

2013 Mint Green Wedding Ideas for Gowns Bridal Accessories and Jewelry

Mint is one of the popular colors for 2013 Spring and Summer weddings.  I’ll be honest. When I was growing up mint was not my favorite color however I am loving the “new” mint palettes this year!  There is a wide range of mint from very pale to vibrant.  Wedding gowns have many layers of mint color to them which still creates a soft romantic look and gives that wow moment at the same time.


Whether you are choosing to wear mint green yourself or use it as your wedding color, there are so many choices available.  Bridesmaid gowns are available in many styles by most of your major designers. 

Adding wedding accessories  is another beautiful way of bringing your mint color theme into your wedding day. Add a lovely handmade mint green flower sash to your wedding gown or bridesmaid dresses for that personal feminine touch.

You can easily add handcrafted custom beautiful bridal and bridesmaid jewelry in mint tones to add that final touch for your wedding day celebration. Choose from Swarovski Crystal colors such as Chrysolite or Mint alabaster to bring in that added touch of color.  

Necklace and Earring Set Swarovski Crystal - Sterling Silver Figure 8 Chain

I couldn’t resist adding in these sexy mint green shoes whether for the bride or for the bridesmaids. 

By all means have fun with this fabulous color in choosing your mint gowns, accessories and jewelry in creating your perfect wedding day!  You know the photographs are going to be amazing!

Add a Bridal Swarovski Crystal Lariat Necklace for Sexy Flair for your Wedding Day Accessories

Adding a Bridal Swarovski Crystal Lariat is a perfect way to add sexy flair for your wedding day!  You searched high and low for the perfect bridal gown and adding the finishing touches of your wedding accessories will complete your romantic look.  Crystal Lariat necklaces come in many different styles.   The picture of one of my brides below shows a beautiful tie back style of lariat which gives two sparkling long crystal back drops.


Courtesy of enLuce Photography

As you can see in the next picture the front of the lariat gives the illusion of a drop necklace in the front.  The surprise comes when you turn around and voila!  This is our sexy and spice we can add to our ensemble.  This necklace add so much fun to pictures and beautifulness to the dance! 


Whether you want crystals or pearls or both, adding a lariat necklace can allow you to express your own personal style.  Here is another example of a multi strand pearl and crystal necklace  with an added crystal and pearl lariat necklace extension added onto the back.  You can have your bridal jewelry custom made so everything will match and the lengths can be customized for the perfect length.

crystallariatphoto01 001

As you can see, the lariat extension looks beautiful through her veil. It is so important that we chose wedding day accessories that reflect who we are and make us feel sexy and beautiful. This way we can have that warm beautiful glow as we celebrate our special day.  The nice part about an extension is that you can easily wear your necklace long after your wedding day without the lariat.

crystallariat02 001

Finding your perfect Bridal Crystal Lariat can take some time but is well worth having custom made.  Not only will the jewelry be created with quality Swarovski crystals and Sterling Silver, it will become a keepsake and a piece that you will continue to enjoy wearing for special occasions in the years to come!

Unique Wedding Party Favors and Gifts for Your Guests

Now that all the big decisions are out of the way you may find yourself pondering about unique party favors for your guests attending your wedding reception.  You have chosen and theme and color palette and you want everything to look perfect.  You also want to thank your guests for their support and love to you on your special wedding day. So what to do?  There are so many ideas and your party favors can also add adornment to your tables creating a beautiful and eye catching moment.

I love, love, love these sweet mini damask cake candle favors.  How perfect are these for a Victorian, Renaissance or Medieval inspired wedding day celebration?  They are quite affordable at less than $3 each!

Spring and summer garden weddings are all about the colors of the flower garden.  These cute little personalized gift boxes come with bright Gerber Daisy’s and you can choose your own candies to fill them.   I also love the idea of the gift boxes on the right which are filled with flower seeds. Think of all the spring and summer wild flower mixes and more.


How about a keepsake gift of live plants such as succulents.  These hardy little plants are perfect for gift giving as they will not wilt and it is pretty difficult to kill these plants!  Support a local farmer with your purchase and spread love in the gardens of all of your friends.  You can order these plants and choose a container that fits your wedding day motif.

Here’s a beautiful and useful party favor that anyone would love.  Each one of these  Murano Glass Wine stoppers are unique since they are handmade.  There are lots of designs and colors and they arrive in gift packaging to make it easy for you!  I think these are beautiful and would be talk pieces for years to come. 


These unique pom pom favor containers filled with candy are really fun!  What I love most, this company may be after my heart.   They ask that you  choose your color, choose your candy, choose your style for your own unique look.  These look super fun.  You could choose to go with one color or several colors and they add to the ambiance of the tables.


I have always offered choose your bridal and bridesmaid jewelry design then choose your pearl and crystal colors and have your unique wedding accessories created.  The same can be done with your favors and this will make them unique and special for your guests.  Your friends and family will be touched by your thoughtful favor gift!