Julie & Julia movie review – A perfect inspirational film for this wedding jewelry entrepeneur

by Judith Cartier Oliver on August 11, 2009

I am going a bit off topic this week but I have to share with you how inspirational the Julie and Julia was for me in relation to not only my personal life but to my Looney Maiden wedding jewelry business! First of all, I would not be surprised to see some Oscar nominations from this film as it was so well written and Meryl Streep was the absolute perfect actress to play Julia Childs. I would have expected nothing less from Meryl Streep as she brings so much spirit and talent to any role she undertakes. I also loved Amy Adams in her role as Julie. Amy Adams brought just the perfect balance of fragility and personal determination and struggle to succeed as a writer in her role as Julie Powell.  Don’t we all have this in common as we seek to live our lives and cultivate our passions to create our own personal significance to our lives and the world?

My husband and I went to see the movie last weekend. I would almost venture to say he was even more excited than I to go see it. Mind you I have been waiting anxiously for over a month for the movie to be released.  We laughed heartily and we cried with some very poignant scenes.  Both of us are entrepreneurial spirits so we felt we could really relate well these characters.

After the movie, we would have loved to go home and cook a beautiful meal although to be honest it was almost midnight so probably a bit crazy at that time of night although I think Julie or Julia would have done that!

I was reminiscing and relating to Julie and Julia in the movie.  I thought about how I started my hand crafted jewelry business called Looney Maiden Jewelry back in 1992 and how hard it was at times to keep that self determination and goal alive to become a self supporting artist and wedding jewelry designer.  I worked a full time day job to support my business and worked late into many evenings creating new jewelry designs to show at the nearly 20 plus art shows and festivals each year. I longed for the day I could be 100% in the business.  I had many a person around me telling me the horrible statistics of business failures especially for artists but somehow I felt determined not to be part of those statistics.

When I look back I wonder how I did it.  Many times I worked 60 hour weeks in the hospitals as a social worker and came home and worked until 3AM filling orders and creating new jewelry for art shows. I  admit there were times that I was on the verge of quitting but I had this inner voice similar to Julie Powell in wanting to make my business succeed and truly follow my passion which in my case was jewelry designing. I also can relate to the fact that she did not have much capitol at the time, neither did I. I worked extra hours to financially support the business to realize my dream.

My turning point came when I decided to create jewelry I was passionate about and follow the adage “create your passion and your customers will find you.”  I made some changes and decided back in 2000 to specialize in custom bridal and bridesmaid jewelry created with glorious Swarovski crystals and pearls, my faves.  I loved creating wedding jewelry designs and what I really loved was giving my customers the options of choosing their own wedding jewelry designs and choosing their own Swarovski crystal and pearl colors. Back then, everyone thought I was crazy and thought the idea was too complex to have on the internet. I just could not let that stop me and really thought the concept was new and fresh and I let my entrepreneurial spirit lead me forward..

So with that determination to follow my philosophy and reach to customers who could relate on the same level, this Looney Maiden ventured forth! Finally, with a lot of blood, sweat and tears I made it and now am recognized worldwide for my handcrafted personal wedding jewelry designs that have touched so many lives. I can truly understand the responses Julie was receiving on her blogs from faithful followers as the thank you emails and pictures I receive each day from my customers warms my heart.

I can relate to that feeling of shock, tears and joy that Julie Powell was able to feel in accomplishing her goal and receiving recognition and success. Even if you don’t like to cook, this movie is a personal treasure and certainly is not to be missed by those who want to feel inspired or who would like that affirmation and continued support to keep following their dreams!

Bon courage!  Have courage and good luck!

Je vous souhaite tout le mieux!  I wish you all the best !

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