New Bridal Jewelry Bracelet and Bridal Earrings for 2009

by Judith Cartier Oliver on February 3, 2009

image As promised here is another new bridal bracelet design that will be coming soon to the shopping cart and is currently available in the Looney Maiden showroom.  I really love this design paired with a stunning pair of Chandelier earrings or long drop earrings.  This bridal bracelet is perfect paired with dresses that have little or no beading.  Of course you can choose your colors of pearls and crystals for your unique look and to match your dress.  As pictured, this 5 strand bracelet has Cream pearls and Golden Shadow-champagne crystals which is perfect for ivory and champagne color dresses.  The crystal has this beautiful shimmer champagne look to it, just like looking through a glass of champagne.  The bracelet itself is actually quite light in nature to wear however gives a much more dramatic look. 

image This long drop style bridal earrings are one of many perfect accents for the bracelet.  The teardrop shaped pearls give a classic look of elegance when paired with the bracelet and also provide a nice balance.    This earring is also available with the round pearls as the bottom drop.  You will be able to choose either style and I always say it really is a matter of your own style of what shapes you are attracted to. 

These items are available for special order by phone and we hope to have them on the shopping cart by December. 

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