New Wedding Show Happily Ever Faster premiering on TLC on June 19, 2009

by Judith Cartier Oliver on June 18, 2009

Adam over at TLC and Leftfield pictures emailed me at Looney Maiden Jewelry this morning about a new wedding show called Happily Ever Faster which looks like a really fun reality style wedding show about hip, cool and potentially low stress Las Vegas weddings. The name of the show is a fun twist on the famous phrase Happily Ever After and as I reviewed the trailer they sent it looks realistic and fun and might be perfect for those couples who want to create a quick and low stress wedding day. TLC is always coming up with fun shows so after seeing the trailer I would say it is going to be a hoot with a dose of reality for creating a Las Vegas wedding that is truly memorable.   The wedding chapel they chose is a family owned business so I am just imagining the stories they could tell from the last 60 years.

Below is a great description provided by TLC and Leftfield Pictures about the new wedding show Happily Ever Faster.

"Tune in on June 19th at 10:30pm (EST) for the premiere of  HAPPILY EVER FASTER on TLC.  This family run wedding chapel on the Vegas strip has been in the wedding business for almost 60 years and although they marry 5,000 couples a year it’s their tasteful approach to matrimony that sets this chapel apart. Stereotypical Vegas weddings often consist of a quickie shotgun wedding officiated by an Elvis impersonator leaving the newlyweds with memories of polyester and a Polaroid. But not here! Follow dynamic husband and wife duo Jason and Holly, two couples and their team of planners mask the wedding-day chaos by tackling various behind-the-scenes challenges head-on. Every day is the Big Day, just done a little quicker… Happily Ever Faster!"


To see the trailer you can click here and then go to the Reels category to view the preview.  I know I am going to watch the show!

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