Ombre Bridesmaid Gowns and Jewelry Accessories 2012 Trends

by Judith Cartier Oliver on July 21, 2012

A plethora of Ombre bridesmaid gowns has come available over the past 2 years.  In 2012, we have seen a wonderful selection of styles and colors by many designers. Ombre has arrived!  Honestly, I love the idea of blending shades of colors together.

As a  jewelry designer, my passion has always been about blending colors creating a unique and soft pallets or blends of colors. Needless to say, I am quite delighted that ombre is currently a trend for many weddings!


This is one beautiful Versace gown, one that inspires me greatly between the soft shades and blending of the colors to the variety of fabric textures for the eyes. A truly fantastic gown!  Imagine adding a wedding jewelry bracelet in mauve pearls and Light Amethyst Swarovski pearls to this




Beautiful ombre hues in gowns by After Six. They offer several different colors for each style.  The one above is called Vintage Ombre in light golden yellow to Taupe.  The dress on the rights is Cobalt Ombre going from White to lush shades of cobalt blue.  Creating bridesmaid jewelry accessories to match the shades of your dresses can be so much fun and add that final touch!



You can see the gorgeousness of the brighter shades of colors in these Dessy After Six bridesmaid gowns.   The first gown color is Tropical Ombre , lush aqua teal greens to light canary yellows. The formal dress on the right is called Daiquiri Ombre…yes like a strawberry daiquiri!  Shades from White to rich strawberry pink crates a soft feminine and vibrant look.

For a less formal dress, consider this Adrian Papell one shoulder dress in shades of light grey to charcoal perfect for an afternoon or evening wedding. 



Scala and Jump brands also offering fun colors , shades and styles.  Here are some fun dresses with purples. (My favorite color) 

Once you choose your ombre bridesmaid dress colors and hues, then you are ready to accessorize with custom made bridesmaid jewelry to match the shades creating a most unique and beautiful wedding!

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