Pearl Bridal Jewelry – Contemporary necklace and earring styles for 2009

by Judith Cartier Oliver on May 27, 2009

Pearl Bridal Jewelry is always a classic to add to your bridal gown.  Remember that our mom’s typically wore a strung pearl necklace and pearl earrings for their wedding day.  Many times the pearl bridal necklaces may have been handed down over the generations and you may have a similar necklace being passed down to you. Pearl bridal jewelry designs today continue to be very popular among brides.  The wedding jewelry designs have changed over the decades to keep with the current fashion designs just as our wedding gowns have dramatically changed. You can still wear pearls for your wedding day and feel fashionable at the same time. set-110407-04 Pearls are a symbol of femininity. They have always represented our honesty, wisdom and purity  and are also the gemstones for June birthdays which just happens to be my birthday month!  I love wearing pearls as not only do they make me feel beautiful but they have this calming feel to them.  Pearls also give an added elegance and have been popular for brides to wear because of the qualities. 

Here are some ideas for wearing pearl bridal jewelry with your wedding gown and keeping your contemporary look. First, think about the style of your wedding gown.  Is it a contemporary design , classic or vintage inspired.  The dress we choose provides a reflection for our individual style and our wedding jewelry should follow suit. The picture shown above of the pearl bridal necklace and earring set is a great example of a contemporary style. When worn it still has that classic elegance however is perfect with strapless style gowns or v neck style bodices. This bridal jewelry set provides a nice long drop and yet it still have a light design of femininity.  The pearl bridal necklace jewelry below is great for classic style wedding gowns. necklace-100806-02 You still have the feeling of the traditional multi strand necklace but with a contemporary twist with the added crystals. Add a nice simple pearl and crystal drop earring and a matching single strand pearl bracelet and you are set to go.  You will still feel like your pearl bridal jewelry matches with your classic style wedding gown.necklace-090419-03

When choosing Vintage style pearl bridal jewelry, you will want to look at the overall feel of your wedding gown.Many vintage style gowns use lace overlays to bring in that soft feminine vintage feel. In the photo to the left, this pearl bridal necklace is a great example of a vintage inspired bridal jewelry design.  The two strand effect with the teardrop pearl has that classic influence of the vintage era and is perfect pearl bridal jewelry for that vintage inspired wedding gown.  The pearls with a light hint of crystals is a wonderful accent to the lace fabric used with vintage gowns.

As you look at all three pictures of pearl bridal jewelry together, you can easily see that even though each pearl bridal neckline has a different design, there is an interchangeability with them too.  You pearl bridal jewelry should be jewelry that you could see yourself wearing again. This means it captures your style and your heart and above all the pearl bridal jewelry set is going to look fantastic with your gown!  Now for more ideas, I invite you to visit more pearl bridal jewelry set designs in the Looney Maiden bridal jewelry catalog. Don’t forget at Looney Maiden you also can coordinate all of your pearl bridal jewelry with your pearl hair accessories!

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