Pearl Bridal Necklace- Perfectly elegant wedding jewelry for every bride

by Judith Cartier Oliver on August 21, 2009

Adding a Pearl Bridal Necklace to your wedding jewelry collection can be just the perfect final touch to finalize your wedding day look. Pearl bridal necklaces are available today in so many styles and even colors to choose from allowing brides to personalize their bridal jewelry to match their wedding gown.


My rule of thumb is to find your perfect pearl bridal necklace and then add in your pearl bridal earrings, bracelet and wedding tiara to match. 

When choosing a pearl bridal necklace it is important to think about your wedding gown fabric, neckline style and color. I have always found when brides visit my showroom that once you have chosen the perfect necklace, all of your other wedding accessories will fall into place easily.

Here are a few questions that will help guide you in selecting your perfect bridal jewelry set.

  • What is the actual color of your bridal gown? Wedding dresses are typically available White, Diamond White, Ivory, Oyster and Champagne. You will want to match your pearl color as close as possible.
  • Is there beading on your dress?  If so, does your beading include pearls, crystals or glass bugle beads?  Knowing the color of the crystals or the glass bugle beads is very helpful in determining the crystal color you will want to add. Most dresses have clear crystals, iridescent clear glass bugle beads or silver lined glass bugle beading. Some beading includes small pearls mixed in with the crystals. Other beading can be a mix of clear crystals with silver type crystals or beading creating a shimmering effect.
  • What type of neckline does your wedding gown have?  Is your dress strapless? or does it have a sweetheart neckline, round scoop style or V neck style? Knowing your neckline style will help you in choosing the shape and style of your necklace.


The pearl bridal necklace you see in the picture above is a favorite for strapless gowns with light or no beading.


Here is a favorite pearl bridal necklace which can adorn just about any neckline.  The pearl teardrop gives you the V effect to bring the eye downward and yet it is not to long to compete with any necklines. Plus I love that it elongates our necks!


This multi strand pearl bridal necklace is great for strapless gowns and gives that added boldness and contemporary look to your wedding day jewelry.  Pairing this necklace with a nice simple pearl and crystal drop bridal earring is perfect.


This multi drop pearl bridal jewelry can be worn with round scoop style necklines and strapless wedding gowns.


For those of you with wedding gowns with sash colors or for Champagne and Latte color dresses, here is a different idea for your pearl bridal jewelry.  This round style pearl bridal necklace features two colors of pearls blended together in the design and this has been very popular for those brides who want to add some color into their bridal jewelry.


This double strand pearl bridal necklace is a new design from this summer that has been “hot”.  When I designed this wedding pearl necklace I wanted to bring in a vintage influence to the design and also keep it fresh and contemporary.  This necklace goes perfectly with strapless gowns and gowns that have capped sleeves providing a substantial look that still has a delicate look.


For the daring, here is one of my signature design pearl choker bridal necklace for the perfect Renaissance and Regal look. This is perfect especially for strapless gowns and gowns that have embroidery details. There are also simpler choker styles that are quite lovely too.

I hope this helps you in your search for the perfect pearl bridal necklace.  Take some time to browse through different pearl bridal jewelry necklace styles and most importantly, choose jewelry that you have an emotional response too.  You will know when you have found just the right and perfect wedding  jewelry. You will look into the mirror and be able to visualize yourself wearing your pearl bridal jewelry on your wedding day. This should be a similar feeling you had when you chose your wedding gown. Once you have chosen your necklace, you are ready to add in your bridal pearl earrings , your perfect matching pearl bracelet and your pearl wedding hair accessories for an absolutely elegant and beautiful wedding day look!

Above all, be true to yourself and choose a style that says “this is me”!

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