Pearl Bridesmaid Jewelry Sets – affordable gift ideas in custom colors

by Judith Cartier Oliver on October 5, 2011

Giving pearl bridesmaid jewelry sets is such a lovely gift to your dearest of girlfriends who are there to support you on your most special day. Having their bridal party jewelry custom created to match their gowns adds that extra icing that tells them how special they are to you. You can easily have their accessories custom made and at an affordable cost.

Necklace, Earring and Bracelet Set Swarovski Pearls - Sterling Silver

There are many options to choose from. You may choose a pearl necklace, bracelet and earring bridesmaid jewelry set as seen in the example above. Perhaps the neckline of the dress is high, you can choose a bracelet and earring set in your wedding colors as seen in the picture below.


What is fantastic is that you can choose one or two pearl colors from the Swarovski Pearl color charts for your design to make your custom bridal party jewelry unique for your girls. You can see in the bracelet and earring set that a combination of Cream and Bronze pearls were used which really makes the bronze color pop out.  You can easily do this with any color.


In the picture above is a wonderfully priced pearl pendant necklace with matching earrings shown in Dark Green and Olive pearls. With this combination the colors are a complimentary blend with each other. Being playful as you choose your color combinations can be so much fun. Don’t forget, you can always discuss color combinations with your jewelry designer and get that second opinion.


Sometimes, choosing a more neutral pearl color for their bridal party set works best especially with a few of the hard to match colors. Many will ask me does this look too plain.  Certainly not! The neutral pearls give your bridesmaid a wonderful gift to wear easily with any outfit. In the picture below, Bronze Pearls are mixed with Golden Shadow champagne crystals to also create a neutral effect.  For example these colors are stunning with chocolate or mocha brown dresses as well as with champagne dresses.


No matter what colors and styles you choose, know that your girls are going to be so touched and delighted by your gift. They will readily tell that their jewelry accessories were custom created for them and is high quality.  You don’t have to tell them that their pearl bridesmaid jewelry sets were affordable too!

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