Pearl Bridesmaid Jewelry Sets – Top 5 Most Popular Styles for 2010

by Judith Cartier Oliver on July 22, 2010

Pearl Bridesmaid Jewelry Sets can be perfect keepsake gifts. Your bridal party will feel elegant and sophisticated adorned in classic styles of elegance to match their bridesmaid dresses.  You can choose your style and choose your pearl colors for a perfect accent that will look beautiful in wedding photographs.

Top 5 Most popular styles of Pearl Bridesmaid Jewelry Sets

  • Below is a classic Y style Swarovski Pearl and Crystal necklace and drop earrings set which is perfect with just about any neckline. It is shown in Gold pearls with Light Smoked Topaz crystal and has been a popular color combination for brown palettes. Of course you can choose any combination from the Swarovski Pearl color chart and the Swarovski crystal color chart to have a perfect color combination to match your bridesmaid gown.


  • Below is a lovely Y style pearl and crystal necklace with tassel drops and longer style drop earrings. This bridesmaid jewelry set also includes a matching bracelet. The Mauve pearls and Tanzanite crystals as shown has been very popular for dresses in the purple tones.


  • The bridesmaid jewelry set below is a new one this year and has been very popular. The set features a pendant drop style teardrop pearls with matching teardrop pearl earrings. The color shown is Powdered Almond with Smoky Topaz crystals and this color combination ahs been fantastic with mocha and espresso color dresses. There are so many colors to choose from and no matter what colors you choose, this set gives a lovely elegant look.


  • This classic round style pearl and crystal necklace and earring set has been so popular over the years. It features a light lacey elegant look to the necklace. As shown in the Rosaline pink pearls and Clear Ab crystals, this combination is a beautiful accent for cotton candy and pink dresses.  This bridesmaid jewelry set looks great even in neutral pearl colors such as white or Light Creamrose with the crystals in your wedding color.


  • For the budget conscious, the Pearl pendant necklace and earring set continues to be a great under $30 gift and adds a simple elegance to your bridal party jewelry. The girls will love having matching jewelry keepsakes.


There are so many more Bridesmaid Jewelry Set Specials to choose from and it is important to choose just the right style for your girls. Choosing wedding jewelry that is high quality with the materials used is very important so they will have long lasting gifts they can wear for years to come. These are the Top 5 most popular Bridesmaid Jewelry sets in 2010 and hopefully I have inspired you to feel creative in choosing your bridal party gift!

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