Pearl Bridesmaid Jewelry

by Judith Cartier Oliver on March 12, 2009

Classic pearl bridesmaid jewelry is always a great hit when you want to give your bridesmaids an elegant gift.  I love using Swarvoski Pearls for their high quality and color choices.  Unlike some faux pearls, Swarovski pearls have a luminosity and luster similar to that of real pearls and are abrasion-proof, resistant to perfume, perspiration, electroplating, UV light and scratches. You won’t see pearls that are flaking years later which makes them a perfect bridesmaid gift for your girls to wear for years to come.

Choosing pearl colors for your bridesmaid jewelry can be easy.  There are over 30 colors to choose from. p1010431 In this picture of one of our pearl bridesmaid sets, a combination of Maroon and Bronze pearls was used to create a unique bridesmaid set.  The girls were wearing Champagne dresses with Burgundy sashes so using the Maroon pearls as a base color to bring out the color of the sashes and adding in the bronze pearls to bring in their dress color created a beautiful and classic look.  The pearls had just the right amount of luster to accent with the sheen of the satin dresses.

Swarovski crystal can be blended with the pearls to add a lift of sparkle to your bridesmaid jewelry sets.   In this pearl bridesmaid jewelry set, a Powdered Almond pearl is complimented byP1010349 a Smoky Topaz crystal  to bring in the warm tones and add a little sparkle. This bridesmaid set was initially created to go with Espresso Brown dresses with Champagne Taupe sashes.  we wanted to bring the sash color into the jewelry to accent the dress color.  The pearl and crystal colors are nice neutrals which makes this set very wearable for the girls long after your wedding day.  An alternate combination would be Golden Shadow Champagne crystal with the Powdered Almond Pearls which is perfect for the lighter Champagne dresses or sashes. I hope you can already see those endless possibilities of combining colors to create a very personal and unique pearl bridesmaid jewelry set which is going to look perfect in your wedding pictures.

Here is another combination that is perfect for the espresso and chocolate brown combinations. In this pearl bridesmaid jewelry set, we used Mocca crystals with Bronze Pearls to accompany Champagne strapless bridesmaid dresses with Chocolate brown sashes. p1010430 This was a custom bridesmaid jewelry set that will be coming available this spring on the website and wanted to share it with you for inspiration. In all 3 of these examples we had a common theme of the Champagne color utilized in different ways to accent the bridesmaid dresses differently. The whole idea is that the bridesmaid jewelry and dress should look as if they had all been designed together in one place. I just love when I see pictures my brides send me of the finished look and they are always so ecstatic about how great the whole wedding party looked.  I find what is even more satisfying for the brides is that their bridesmaids are truly excited about their jewelry and they feel pretty and special in it. I have received lovely thank you notes from bridesmaids who never met me but received my bridesmaid jewelry sets telling me how touched they were in receiving this personal bridesmaid gift and how much they loved their jewelry and “they just had to tell me”.  They are so happy to have received jewelry that was not only beautiful but that they already had worn again after the wedding.  What is most precious, is that they realized as soon as they opened their bridesmaid gift that much thought and love had gone into creating special jewelry just for them by their friend, the bride. The bridesmaids really felt special as  friends sharing in the brides special day. I just  love those moments!

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