Pearl Wedding Jewelry – Inspirational ideas for adding colors to your Bridal Accessories

by Judith Cartier Oliver on September 1, 2009

I have noticed over the past few years the continued increase in the number of brides who wish to add several colors to their Pearl Wedding Jewelry and their Bridal Accessories. Personally, I love when a bride can complete her wedding day look with just the right bridal jewelry accessories for that perfect finishing touch. And yes, sometimes that means adding color into her pearl wedding necklace, earrings and bracelet set!


What was once a No No is now a fashion trend and quite acceptable.  A bride’s wedding day jewelry really should be a reflection of herself and her own personal style.  In the picture above, one of my brides wanted to add in a lot of the bronze tones to her jewelry to match with the bronze and golden beading on her wedding gown. This pearl and crystal bridal jewelry set was created with Cream pearls to match the base fabric color of her gown and Golden Shadow champagne crystals which accented the beading on the bronze lace overlay on her bodice. Truly a lovely sight once you put all the accessories and dress together!


Adding in this Pearl and Swarovski crystal wedding headband was the perfect touch for this bride to bring her look together.


This Pearl and Swarovski crystal wedding choker necklace was created for a bride who was wearing a white bridal gown that had very delicate embroidery at the top of the bodice.  Her favorite flower was hydrangea and as many of you know, this particular flower has  very vibrant blues and purple hues. Henceforth, the color she chose were colors that brought her bliss.


Here is the lovely matching pearl wedding jewelry bracelet to help bring the color throughout her wedding day attire.


Here are the lovely pearl and crystal bridal chandelier earrings which added tot he bold accents of color creating a balance in her overall color scheme.  We then created a matching pearl and crystal bridal tiara comb which she wore at the top of her partial up do hairstyle.


I know, you are saying that is too much color! In all seriousness, by adding all four of the pearl wedding jewelry accessories, she created a perfect look and balance with her colors and I can say she looked fantastic in her wedding day photographs!

Don’t feel timid when adding color to your pearl wedding jewelry set. Think about the colors that are important to you and then consult with your wedding jewelry designer for their opinion. I receive telephone calls and emails every day from brides asking for suggestions not only on styles of jewelry but also recommendations on how to add color into their jewelry. I love providing creative ideas for my brides so they can feel confident once the choose their pearl bridal jewelry designs.

Take a look at the Swarovski Pearl colors available and Swarovski crystal colors so you can get an idea of what shades of colors you will get to choose from.

If your heart is connected with the colors you have chosen, then don’t be afraid to weave them into your pearl wedding jewelry and accessories!

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