Pink Wedding Day Planning Ideas and Bridal Accessories

by Judith Cartier Oliver on May 28, 2013

So you want to plan a Pink Wedding Day!  Pink has always been a  popular color incorporated into weddings.  After all Pink is the color of unconditional love, compassion and nurturing. Why not add this beautiful color into your décor, bridal and bridesmaid gowns and accessories.

 pinkweddings1a pinkweddings1 

Whether you add a full soft palette of pinks to your reception décor or add touches of pink to your table tops, pink can look glamorous and alluring.  There are multitudes of shades to use from the palest of pinks to bold hot pinks.

pinkweddings8  pinkweddings6

Choosing a wedding gown, you can consider how much pink do you want.  There are so many options available from faint blush pink to the boldest of all pinks. You may want to choose an ivory bridal gown that has pink accents.  Here are some great examples of gowns that have a touch of pink added to them.

pinkweddings4Pinkwedding 2

You may want to go bold with your pink and perhaps have your bridal party also coordinated with your pink wedding color theme. Think about the shade and how much pink you want for your photo’s.   You can see below and entire different look of each wedding party using hot fuchsia pink and using a pale pink.


Now the same as you look at these wedding dresses side by side.  Each dress has a unique style from modern to soft Cinderella romantic.


Add pink wedding accessories to finalize your look.  If you want to add bold pinks to an ivory wedding gown, use bright pink shoes or headpieces to make a bold statement.


For your men’s attire, consider adding pink to their boutonniere’s, silk ties and cuff links.

pinkmens1 pinkmens2

For soft romantic pinks, consider adding in blush tone pink bridal jewelry and soft hair flower clips for a touch of feminine pink.   Have your jewelry and hair accessories custom made to order.  You will be able to wear these items again long after your wedding day.


Hopefully you are feeling inspired to think outside the box and add your pink to your wedding day. As you can see, it is easy to add lots of pink tastefully creating  beautiful and memorable wedding day photo’s!

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