Pretty in Pink Bridal Jewelry and Hair Accessories Ideas

by Judith Cartier Oliver on September 8, 2011

Ooh la la, now let’s have fun adding in Pink Bridal Jewelry and Hair accessories into your wedding day look!  Pink is not only a color of romance and love but is also a color of femininity, soft and sweet. Adding some pink to your accessories can create a beautiful soft and romantic palette to your wedding day look. In the picture below is a soft pink pearl and crystal wedding necklace which is a lovely soft combination which keeps the pink more pastel.


In the picture picture below you will see the Pink color is much more predominant by adding in light rose Swarovski crystals to the pink pearls.  You can see a picture of this bridal pearl necklace here in your more neutral tones. The wonderful thing is you can always order your jewelry custom made choosing the colors you wish.


Now if you want to go really bold with your pink, consider the colors below in these wedding crystal chandelier earrings.  There is a blend of Rose and Light Rose pink crystals in these earrings.


If you want to go all sparkly with Swarovski Crystals, you can also add a touch of pink into your jewelry. This multi strand Swarovski Crystal bracelet shows a combination of light rose and clear crystals.  I love this combination as it is soft and sweet and girly!


If you just want to add a tad of pink, well consider adding it to your wedding hair accessories.  Here is a bold rose and light rose pink barrette which gives that shock of color and romantic look to your wedding day hair style.


For a more subtle look, here is a bridal tiara comb created in powdered rose pink pearls, vintage rose and crystal moonlight crystals that gives a more vintage pretty in pink look.  You can create your jewelry in the same colors and this can look amazing with vintage lace gowns.


If you like the look of the soft vintage rose pinks, here is a great picture to show you a bridal jewelry set that is created in these colors.  This is truly a vintage look that can give a purely personal style to your wedding day look.


For all of you Pretty in Pink brides, take the leap and add in some pink to your bridal jewelry and wedding hair accessories.  Find a designer who creates custom wedding jewelry who can create your beautiful vision.

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