Purple Bridesmaid Jewelry to match Alfred Angelo and Bill Levkoff Gowns

by Judith Cartier Oliver on August 18, 2011

Finding Purple bridesmaid jewelry  to match the beautiful gowns by Alfred Angelo and Bill Levkoff  is described to me as looking for a needle in a haystack. Well I certainly can understand the feeling around this as purples are one of the most difficult colors to find matching jewelry for due to the differences of hues. Purple is one of my favorite colors and it thrills me to see the color in so many weddings. Finding affordable and custom matching bridesmaid jewelry sets like the one you see below can be made easy.  Hence, if you are reading this article, then you are most likely in the same boat as many brides in finding the correct colors to match.  I will try and make it much simpler for you!


Here are the best Swarovski Crystal and Pearl matches for your fabric colors.  You can easily view these colors on the Swarovski Crystal Color Chart and the Swarovski Pearl color chart. Swarovski has satin editions of many crystals which mutes the color with a satiny sparkle coating and sometimes can be great matches for unusual hues. These can usually be special ordered.

Alfred Angelo Purple Bridesmaid Jewelry Colors

  • Eggplant – Best Crystal color – Purple Velvet, Purple Velvet Ab. Tanzanite can be a nice contrast color. Best Pearl color is Neutrals such as Mauve, Lavender, White
  • Grape – Best Crystal colors – Amethyst, Amethyst AB. Best Pearl color is Powdered Rose
  • Lavender – Best Crystal colors – Provence Lavender. Light Tanzanite, Tanzanite Best Pearl color is neutrals or lavender.
  • Purple – Best Crystal colors – Violet, Violet Ab , pretty with Tanzanite or Lilac accents. Best Pearl color is neutrals, White, Light Creamrose, Lavender


In the picture above, a combination of Mauve Pearls and Tanzanite crystal in this bridesmaid jewelry set make wonderful complimentary jewelry for lilac and purple gowns.

Bill Levkoff Purple Bridesmaid Jewelry Color choices

  • Berry –   Best Crystal colors are Amethyst, Amethyst AB, Rosaline . Best Pearl color is Powdered Rose
  • Eggplant – Amethyst, Amethyst AB, Burgundy Best Pearl color are neutral colors.
  • Lilac – Best crystal colors are Tanzanite,  Violet Satin, Tanzanite Satin  Best Pearl colors Mauve, Lavender
  • Violet – Best Crystal colors – Provence Lavender, Tanzanite. Best Pearl color is Lavender

Hopefully this article has provided you with some great ideas to get started on finding just the perfect purple bridesmaid jewelry sets to match your Alfred Angelo and Bill Levkoff Gowns. Your bridal party will be elated to receive such a beautiful bridal party gift!

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