Something Blue Bridal Jewelry Ideas

by Judith Cartier Oliver on February 3, 2009

image Adding "Something Blue" into your bridal jewelry and wedding hair accessories can be so much fun! In this picture, you can see how  I  blended Light Sapphire and Clear Swarovski crystals to create her bracelet and earrings.  Not only does she have beautiful baby blue eyes ( which her fiance adores) but she was also having a beach wedding and wanted to bring in the ocean blue colors to her jewelry.  The brides dress was light ivory silk with clear crystals sewn with a circular pattern, hence the earring shape picked up the beautiful detail work on the dress. Many of my brides decide to add a light sapphire crystal to their pearl bridal jewelry set and their bridal tiara.  Mixing the blue with the clear can add in a sparkly effect.  If you wish a lighter blue, the Light Azore gives a hint of blue and I currently have a small limited edition of lavender Swarovski  crystal which is a very light blue. (not purple).  If you want to add your something blue in a subtle way,  wearing an anklet with the light sapphire or sapphire crystals added in has been a favorite of many of my brides. Plus it is sexy to wear the anklet again after your wedding.  When adding color to your bridal jewelry and hair accessories, it is important to add enough color so it will make a statement and provide some contrast and yet beautifully accent your ensemble.  

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