Something Blue Wedding Jewelry and Bridal Hair Accessory Ideas

by Judith Cartier Oliver on July 21, 2011

Here are some great wedding jewelry and bridal hair accessory ideas for adding in “Something Blue” to complement your wedding day attire. Whether you want to be bold in bringing in the blue colors or have a light accent, there are so many option available to be creative with. With so many options available you are sure to find just the right pieces to add your something blue. 


Here is a fun idea of how to wear blue as your main color for your jewelry.  The wedding jewelry set shown has Light Sapphire and Clear Swarovski crystals blended in the design. If you want a lighter look with the blue then you can choose to have the predominant crystal be clear and accent crystals be Light Sapphire.


In this bridal tiara comb, the blue used is very faint and a Light Azore crystal was used  to create a very subtle effect. You can easily wear matching jewelry without the use of the blue crystals.


If you wish to use a deep blue, the Sapphire Swarovski crystals mixed with Crystal Moonlight in the wedding side combs will give a shock of color. You can choose to go with a softer light blue with this style also and still have a beautiful shimmering effect.


This Light Sapphire Swarovski crystal bridal headband has been a popular choice for brides wishing to add some blue.  I find that usually the jewelry will also be matching in color which makes a very pretty look.


Some brides have chosen to add in the Blue pearls to their wedding bracelet and keep the rest of their jewelry in neutral colors.  As you can see in the picture, this bracelet has blue pearls mixed with white pearls and Clear AB crystals.


For this wedding barrette, the crystals are shown in clear and the pearls in light blue. The barrettes can be found in several sizes and you could choose to go with a Light Sapphire crystal with say White pearls. They add sparkle!


One of the most popular ways to add something blue is with an ankle bracelet or anklet. You can choose to go all crystal or chose a pearl and crystal design.

I hope this helps give you some ideas around how to incorporate your “something Blue” into your wedding jewelry and bridal hair accessories. There are so many options for you to add blue into your hair accessories, necklace, bracelet earrings or anklet  You can choose your design and colors for wedding jewelry that is perfect for you.  Now you are ready to have some fun!

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