Swarovski Crystal and Pearl Bridal Lariat Necklace ideas to compliment your wedding gown.

by Judith Cartier Oliver on August 12, 2011

So you have chosen your beautiful wedding gown and now to find the perfect Swarovski crystal bridal lariat necklace to complete your look.  There are lots of jewelry options you can choose from whether it be a dramatic single or double back drop necklace, a wrap around lariat, or perhaps a lariat extension added onto your favorite necklace style.

crystallariat03 001

In the picture above, you can see how beautiful a long single drop lariat crystal and pearl necklace looks with a low cut back.  I always say it’s that sexy pretty we can add on to accent one of our pretty and sensual parts of our bodies. This pieces was a custom piece which the bride chose a wedding necklace style and I added on the back lariat drop to create all one piece.

crystallariatphoto01 001

In this picture, the bride chose a beautiful 3 strand pearl and crystal necklace  to compliment her strapless wedding gown and  in the picture below you can see a bridal lariat extension was added to match her necklace design for that extra touch of crystals and pearls. I love the addition of a lariat extension as it gives such a beautiful surprise for the groom. After all, our wedding day is about who we are and we want to look beautiful and sexy for our partner!

crystallariat02 001

A piece of advice is, don’t skimp on the quality of your wedding day jewelry. This is a piece you will be able to wear and cherish long after your wedding day. You have chosen a beautiful gown and there is nothing more beautiful than having beautiful jewelry to adorn your look.

When choosing your Swarovski crystal bridal lariat necklace style, think about whether you want all crystals or a combination of pearls and crystals.  It is wonderful if you can have this custom made to just the perfect length.  Think about if you want a single or double strand as your back drop. What type of necklace look do you want for the front?  Would a prefer a lariat extension that is removable from your necklace. 

There are lots of bridal lariat jewelry styles to choose from. Be bold and show your sexy! You’ll be amazed at how many compliments you will receive! 

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