Swarovski Crystal Bridesmaid Jewelry – Fun ways to mix and match styles for a unique look!

by Judith Cartier Oliver on September 7, 2010

I thought I would share a fun picture of custom and unique Swarovski Bridesmaid Jewelry that has four different styles which allows for brides to choose individual styles for each of their bridesmaids and at the same time have a cohesive look as the bridal party for perfect wedding photos.


In the picture above, four different bridesmaid jewelry set specials were chosen and created in the same colors of Amethyst with silver crystal call crystal accents. These necklace designs will be lovely wedding accessories and the earrings are all the same style to add a cohesive look.


These beautiful bridal party gifts are for an Autumn wedding.  The bride chose purples and silver as her wedding colors and has incorporated those colors into their necklace and earrings. We started by looking at a variety of the best matching colors from the Swarovski Crystal color chart that would look wonderful with her Bill Levkoff Eggplant satin dresses. I emailed the above picture to give her a visual on how the colors will look with the fabric.  Once the Swarovski crystals were chosen the bride decided to go with the antique silver since it gave a dark rich tone to the jewelry sets.

There are lots of additional ideas of how to go about choosing the perfect Bridesmaid Jewelry and add a personal touch of customization. Hopefully I have inspired you with ideas and the information that customization can be done, is fun and can be affordable!

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