Top 10 Holiday Jewelry Gifts for 2009 – Most popular personalized Swarovski Crystal Christmas Jewelry Gift

by Judith Cartier Oliver on November 17, 2009

Here is the Top 10 Holiday Jewelry Gifts for 2009 that are sure to be a lovely surprise for your special women in your life!  All of these Swarovski Crystal Jewelry Gift items can be personalized by Looney Maiden Jewelry by choosing your own color combinations from the Swarovski Crystal color chart. Choose her favorite colors or add her birth stone color for a truly special jewelry gift.

Top 10 Holiday Jewelry Gift Pick’s for 2009


This necklace, bracelet and earring crystal holiday jewelry set is amazing in one or two colors.  This holiday jewelry gift can be easily worn as separates so it is a perfect set for day and evening wear.


The following three jewelry items are created to easily be worn together. Above is a beautiful Red Swarovski crystal necklace with chandelier style drop. This crystal necklace is perfect with the Crystal Chandelier earrings pictured below and certainly in this color can give you the Holiday spirit.


There are many crystal bracelets to choose from, however this 5 strand Swarovski crystal bracelet continues to be one of the most popular bracelets.  The bracelet gives a wonderful shock of color and sparkle and yet has a delicate look to it.


This lovely Swarovski crystal Y drop necklace and earring jewelry set is a beautiful classic design with a contemporary look.  You can choose one or two crystal colors for your personalized design and these are jewelry pieces that are sure to be worn again.


The sapphire Swarovski crystal cluster chandelier earrings are most magnificent. They sparkle and are very light weight. There are so many more additional crystal chandelier earring designs in which you can choose two crystal colors too.


Beautiful 2 tone Swarovski crystal luster chandelier earrings feature your choice of two crystal colors and are created with all sterling silver.


I would be remiss not to add in the favorite long teardrop crystal earrings which feature an accent of pearls.  These earrings continue to be a favorite for customer as they are versatile and elegant.  Add these to any black dress and you are set for the evening.


This lovely multi 5 strand Swarovski crystal bracelet and matching earrings is the perfect holiday jewelry gift and keepsake and can be ordered in one or two crystal colors. You can choose favorite colors or perhaps choose to go with all Clear Ab crystals for a more neutral but sparkly set that will go with any outfit.


Lastly this Swarovski crystal choker necklace has continued to be a favorite for those who are a little more dramatic with their evening wear.  Choose a color or have the crystal choker necklace created in all Clear crystals for a soft look.  These choker necklaces are a signature design of Looney Maiden jewelry and each choker is custom handcrafted.


I hope you enjoyed seeing the Top 10 Holiday Jewelry Gifts for 2009 for Swarovski crystal jewelry. I will be providing a Top 10 list for pearl jewelry also in the coming days. Most important is that all of the Looney Maiden Holiday jewelry can be created in your chosen colors for every day wear.  Always feel free to call directly if you need help deciding.

Best of all, save money, time and frustration from running around trying to find that perfect gift that seems impossible. You can easily order your Holiday Jewelry Gifts online, receive personalized gift boxes for the jewelry and have it shipped directly to your doorstep!  Now how good is that!

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