Unique Bridal Party Jewelry Gifts – Ideas everyone will love you for.

by Judith Cartier Oliver on August 19, 2009

As a part of wedding planning, giving a bridal party gift to your Maid of Honor, your Bridesmaids ,your Flower Girls and Guest Attendants is considered part of the customary thank you to your attendants. Every bride wants to find gifts that will have personal significance and meaning for their bridesmaids and bridal party. So what to choose?


First of all, with your wedding planning you will have created a budget and one of the items on that long list of expenditures should be the budget for gifts for those who are participating and supporting you on the most special day of your life! 

One of the most common gifts for a bridal party is a bridesmaid jewelry set.


You may hear that a gift of jewelry is more for the bride than the bridesmaids however I am here to say that from my personal experience that is the farthest from the truth!  Every day I receive thank you notes and phone calls from bridesmaids who are so touched by the bridesmaid jewelry set that their friend, the bride, chose for them not only to wear on their wedding day but even after the wedding. 

For brides, choosing just the perfect bridal party jewelry can be a fun filled experience especially when you get to choose your style and colors for their special gifts. Personally, I just love when our brides become “part of the process” and find themselves truly enjoying the experience of purchasing their special and custom bridesmaid,maid of honor and flower girl jewelry sets.

Here are some ideas for a successful and satisfying experience purchasing their bridal party jewelry on the internet!

  • For customized wedding jewelry, take some time to find either a website that has the design styles you like and a way to personalize or customize your bridal party gifts just to your liking.
  • Think about what type of materials, i.e. pearls, Swarovski crystals, sterling silver, you would like incorporated in their bridesmaid jewelry.
  • Take the time to contact that designer directly, via telephone or by email. The designer should have a how to contact page that is easily accessible. In your communications, it is helpful to include a picture or link to the site which features your bridesmaid and flower girl dress and some ideas of what you are looking for. If you have particular colors you wish to use and a budget range you would like to stay in, include that information in your note. This truly helps the jewelry designer to be able to provide ideas and options to make choosing your bridal party jewelry even easier.
  • Think about everyone in your bridal party. Do you want your Maid of Honor’s jewelry to match the bridesmaid jewelry? Do you want their jewelry styles to match or perhaps you want to have each piece of bridal party jewelry created in the same colors and materials but in different styles to match your bridesmaids and maid of honor’s own personal style.

I hope this gets you started in thinking about your bridal party gift and take some time to research bridesmaid jewelry and flower girl jewelry sets.  I will add more in the future to ideas around choosing your bridal party jewelry with examples from many of my brides and how they chose.  I always think hearing ideas from others is a perfect way to guide you on how to choose just the right gifts.

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