Valentine’s Day Jewelry Ideas – personalized and custom Swarovski Crystal jewelry gifts for your sweetheart

by Judith Cartier Oliver on February 4, 2010

For your Valentine’s Day Jewelry gift, why not have personalized and custom jewelry made for your sweetheart?  Gone are the days where you have to choose from 10 different gift specials.  Having custom Swarovski crystal and pearl jewelry created for your sweetie makes for a truly memorable gift that she won’t forget. With each jewelry set, you can choose the color of crystals and pearls you want and have her jewelry custom made to suit her personal style.


The crystal jewelry set above is shown in all Siam red crystals and can also be customized by choosing colors for the Swarovski Crystal color charts and is quite affordable.


In the photo above , this Swarovski crystal jewelry set includes necklace, earrings and matching multi strand bracelet.  You can choose one or two crystal colors for the design.  The jewelry set is gorgeous in all Clear Ab crystals or in mixing your sweetie’s favorite colors she likes to wear.  It can be pretty to choose her favorite color and then have clear crystals mixed as an accent.  She can easily wear all three pieces or wear them as separates for everyday.


This Swarovski pearl and crystal jewelry set is a great classic.  The design makes it timeless and “pearls” are easily a girl’s best friend.  Pearls are thought to symbolize purity. There are over a dozen Swarovski Pearl colors you can choose from as well as Swarovski crystal colors.  You can also choose to go with the basic pearl color and add in her birthstone crystal color to make her set personal and unique. This necklace and earrings combination are always a winner!


Here is a very pretty necklace and earring set for the sparkle girl that is so lovely and created in her favorite or birthstone crystal color.  Classic in design, this set can easily be worn for every day or special occasion.

I hope this helps you to feel inspired and confident in choosing a truly unique Valentine’s Day Jewelry gift for your sweetheart!  Now you are ready to take a little time and view the many selections of jewelry sets idea for just the right Valentine’s gift for your special girl!

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