Wedding Accessories – How to add color to your headpiece

by Judith Cartier Oliver on February 6, 2009


I am asked so many times about adding color to bridal headpieces and most especially for the bridal tiaras. One of my brides from Australia was wearing an ivory wedding gown with deep scarlet red accents. She wanted to incorporate some of the color into her headpiece and was not sure whether to mainly use the garnet red crystal or just have it added as an accent.  She was also going to be wearing a bridal jewelry set which I was coordinating with her headpiece. Her bridal jewelry set was being created with ivory pearls and clear crystal. By adding in the garnet crystals to her headpiece along with the ivory pearls and clear crystal, she was able to tie in the red which was an important color for she and her fiance’.  I can say she looked absolutely fantastic and the amount of red crystal we used was just perfect for giving that sweet hint of red.

P1010392 Now for another idea of how to use your wedding accessories, the picture to the left has a blend of Tangerine sun crystals and Light peach crystals with a tiny hint of apricot pearls. The bride I custom created this tiara hair comb for was wearing and ivory dress with light sprays of tangerine beaded accents. Her shoes were tangerine  and her bouquet and wedding day colors were also in tangerine and peach tones. She chose to have me create a necklace and earring set in Light Peach pearls with tangerine sun crystals which were a perfect compliment to her dress and allowed the beaded embroidery to stand out. Her hairstyle was a french twist which she wore her comb on the right side of the twist.  I have to say, when I saw the pictures after her wedding I was in awe of how absolutely perfect the entire wedding jewelry set was, not only because it was perfect with her wedding dress  but it captured the essence of her . 

Both of these brides had a vision, and I consulted over the telephone and by email to create the perfect wedding accessories and bridal jewelry for them. Color influences us in so many ways and there was a personal importance for both of the brides in using color.  I personally love when we can create bridal jewelry and headpieces that not only coordinate perfectly with the bride’s dress, but also incorporate the essence of who we are. 

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