Wedding Day Jewelry Set ideas for gowns with crystal and pearl beading and lace

by Judith Cartier Oliver on June 28, 2010

Finding your perfect wedding day jewelry set to match your special bridal gown can be easily found on the internet.  Many of you have probably looked in your local department stores for wedding jewelry to match and may have left disappointed with the selections available. Most jewelry carried in department stores is mass produced manufactured items that are perhaps great for every day wear but not perfect for your special day. If you are reading this then this means you are also ready to venture online to find your perfect bridal jewelry!


As you think about your perfect wedding day jewelry, think about your own personal style of the types of shapes and designs you usually like to wear for special occasion. With bridal gowns that have lace overlays with crystals and or pearl beading, it is important to bring a balance to your jewelry. By adding in the perfect bridal jewelry accents, you can easily bring you entire look together.  The multi strand wedding necklace above has a perfect balance of crystals and pearls which will not overwhelm  a strapless gown.  Add in a lovely pearl and crystal drop earring and you are set to go.


Don’t get worried about taking away from your beautiful wedding gown!  By selecting jewelry that has a mix of pearls and crystals and delicate look to the design, you will actually make your dress stand out even more. Plus you really do want everyone to look at the entire you!  The pearl and crystal bridal jewelry set shown above is an extremely popular choice.  The pearls picks up the color of your wedding gown and the crystals add in that light delicate lacey look to match your bridal dress.


For wedding gowns that have higher necklines and sleeves, adding in a beautiful cluster chandelier earring along with a fancy multi strand bracelet will finish your perfect look.


As you can see, all of the designs pictured have a light lacey look to them.  The blending of the pearls and crystals in a delicate matter creates a beautiful textured look that follows the look of your bridal gown fabric. My final advice is to choose your wedding day jewelry pieces together. Your jewelry designer can create your bridal jewelry necklace, earrings and bracelet to match each other creating the perfect picture!

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