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by Judith Cartier Oliver on March 29, 2011

I am frequently asked by my brides where to find the perfect wedding shoes. It can become overwhelming trying to find just the right style and color let alone the amount of time one can spend going through every store. I was so impressed and excited by the helpful information shared on their blog that I asked Jenny Wells to be a guest here and talk a little about  I hope this will be helpful to all of you in search of those perfect wedding shoes!

Buy the white wedding shoes or the ivory ones? Add some color and choose a pair of blue shoes or go for the glamorous red bridal shoes? Buy 2 shoes instead? High heels or low heels? What style matches the best with my wedding dress?


Hi everyone! My name is Jenny Wells from and I am a bridal stylist and a personal stylist for women in Los Angeles, Miami and New York. I am part of a group of 6 other bridal stylists who represent What do we do? At Wedding Feet, we help you find the perfect wedding shoes for your big day.

So, how do we do this?

First, we hand select all of the shoes shown on the Wedding Feet site. Whether it is silver wedding shoes or gold bridal shoes or wedding flip flops that you are looking for, we personally browse through hundreds of shoe stores to select only the best shoes to display for you. Yup, that’s right. This means, we look through stores like Zappos, Nordstrom, Endless, Piperlime,, Macy’s and many more. From each store, we select the prettiest, most beautiful, most gorgeous shoes to display on the Wedding Feet site like the best ivory bridal shoes and the most gorgeous blue wedding shoes. Our goal is to save you time so you don’t have to go through every store to look for your wedding shoes. Instead, you just have to browse through our store and you will find your perfect bridal shoe.

Second, we provide styling advice! Brides write in from all over asking us for tips on how to choose the best shoes. Whether they are trying to match a Princess cut dress or a short dress or they want shoes for their bridesmaids, we are here to help. Email us at and include a picture of your dress and your criteria (color, heel height, etc.) and we will help you find the best shoes for you and send you personalized recommendations. If you want to be taller, if your feet are too wide, if you want to change into other shoes like bridal flip flops, we have all of the advice you might want and we are here to help.

Finally, we provide wedding advice for all of your other wedding questions. Since we talk to so many brides about their outfits, we have lots of knowledge about how to put together your perfect wedding day – from how to choose the best photographer, to what makeup and hair would look fabulous with your dress and shoes. So, feel free to write to us at

We love shoes. We obsess about shoes. We each own more than 100 pairs and buy more every day. Some of us have shoe closets. And, we love weddings! We love the details and the clothes and we want to make you look beautiful and gorgeous on your wedding day. So, come visit us at and let us help you find the perfect bridal shoes for your big day!

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