Wedding Hair Pins Styling

by Judith Cartier Oliver on March 25, 2009

P1011080 Wedding hairpins can be that final touch to completing your wedding day look.  Hairpins come in a variety of styles and sizes.  When choosing your hairpins it is best to consult with your hairstylist if possible as to their ideas of how the hairpins would be placed.  For example, if you are wearing an updo with soft curls, it can be very pretty to use 7-9 bridal hairpins in a scattered way.  The hairpins would be best around 1 inch in width and give a pretty spray of crystals and pearls.

The wedding hairpins you see below work nicely with a tight bun slipping the hairpins around the base of the bun or with a french twist by grouping them together to one side.   This style of bridal hairpin has also been used to create a tiara effect by grouping them closely together in the front of an updo.   P1012118 You are able to move the sprays into shape to provide a wispy type look

Wedding hairpins are very popular for brides who are not wearing a tiara but many times are wearing a veil.  By using the hairpins in this manner, the bride has a soft finishing effect with the hairpins covering the edging of the comb on their veil and when they take their veil off they still have pretty hair adornments.

Using a simple single pearl wedding hairpin can add just the right touch of elegance to a tighter updo style.  The single type of pearl hairpin can be worn on its own or in addition to other wedding hair accessories.P1011472  Usually a bride will use anywhere from 7-15 of these pearl hairpins to give little touches of pearls to her hair style. These single bridal hairpins are also available in single crystals for a subtle sparkle effect.  The Crystal Moonlight crystals are especially nice for adding just a little more shimmer sparkle so they look like little starlights.

There are so many wedding hairpin styles to choose from so my best advice is talk with your hair stylist first.  Get an idea of the size and number of hairpins you will need. Here is the best part!  You can order your wedding hairpins to match your bridal jewelry set!

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