Wedding Headbands How to choose just the right style

by Judith Cartier Oliver on April 9, 2009

Wedding headbands have become increasingly popular over the years as a substitute for a bridal tiara.  Part of their popularity is their versatility for use with so many different hair styles.  Whether you are wearing an up do style, a partial up do or your hair down, your wedding headband can add just the right amount of sparkle accents to give just the perfect wedding day look. P1012884

Your wedding headband can be custom created to have just the right amount of crystals and pearls to match your jewelry and the beading on your dress.  What’s really great is being able to choose your colors.  You can wear one or two headbands just depending on the look you are seeking.   Here is an example of a wedding day headband created with Clear Swarovski crystals and cream pearls which is very delicate looking.  This type of headband is perfect when you just want a light accent of crystals and pearls for your hairstyle.P1012903

Double headbands are also very popular when you want the feeling of a tiara but not the height of the tiara. The picture to the right shows a double style Clear Swarovski crystal headband.  When worn the first crystal headband fits closely to the crown of your head and the second band sits just slightly higher. These types of wedding headbands work well for partial updos.


Now here is another great idea for a double headband effect in the picture on the left. The two headbands are created to exactly match each other with Clear Swarovski crystals and tiny white pearl accents woven in.  This allots you to situate your double headband effect exactly where you want it  which can provided additional comfort and allow you to take one of the headbands off later in the evening if you want to create a more relaxed look for the evening.  I really love this look and originally created the picture wedding headbands for one of my brides who wanted the double effect of a headband but did not like the structured double bands she was finding in the stores. She wore the first headband exactly as a headband and the the second head band was slightly place at an angle and situated in her beautiful curls of her up do.P1012860  

Using color in your wedding headband can be even more exciting.  I have seen an increase over the last year with use of color in the headbands.  The colors chosen can be to bring out the color that is in the embroidery of their wedding dress or to bring in the couples wedding colors.  Many times the color used in the headband will also be reflected in the brides jewelry. The light sapphire blue crystal headband to the right is a perfect example of bringing color into your headband.  The bride wore a beautiful white flowing gown that had this beautiful light blue floral embroidery on her dress. She really wanted to bring the blue into her bridal jewelry and headband.  Her jewelry was created with White pearls and the Light Sapphire crystal accents and keeping her headband in all light blue was absolutely picture perfect.  Adding the pearls in would have made it a bit too busy looking and keeping the headband all one color made the embroidery on her dress stand out.  Well let’s just say her beautiful blue eyes sure stood out the most!   For her dress this was perfect. I always encourage brides to choose your dress and jewelry first and then we can coordinate their headband. There really is a method to my madness,  meaning your bridal headpiece or headband is that very last finishing touch and it is so important yo make sure the styling and the color is going to be just the perfect accent to your entire look.  P1011065

Now here is an example of the sue of blending three different colors together.  In this picture I have used Cream and Bronze pearls with Swarovski Golden Shadow – champagne crystal to create a blend of champagne and taupe colors.  There are so many bridal gowns that are either in Champagne or Latte or Light gold colors and will have a white or ivory lace overlay to them.  In the reverse there are many ivory dresses with which a taupe or champagne sash is added to it.  This is a perfect way of bringing in your colors which create a perfect balance and accent.  Your bridal jewelry can be created in the same mix of colors or for example you can wear the Cream pearls and Golden Shadow crystal in your bridal jewelry and have the bronze pearls in your wedding headband pick up the sash color create what I call a perfect picture frame.

Your wedding accessories are truly the pieces that can bring the whole look together and my feeling is the perfect picture is one where you gasp and say “she looks absolutely perfect” and the reason why is that her dress and her wedding accessories all blended together to create a perfect look.  When you look at the photo you do not want any one item stand out more than the other. This will invoke “she looks absolutely beautiful” and truly let’s be real, we really want everyone to say this as we have spent over a year of our life creating our perfect moment!

Hopefully I have inspired you in thinking about styles and color choices for wedding headbands. My last helpful hint of the day is really check on the what type of fit will your headband have.  There are many different styles of metal headbands used but I can say from experience that it can be helpful to invest in a good comfortable headband.  Those headband headaches are not worth it and you truly can avoid this.  I have two different headband styles I use.  I hand work the metals of the headband long before I wrap all the pearls and crystals on to create a nice loose fit.  I have an average headband and then I also have a round larger headband style. I personally need that larger headband style as otherwise the typical headbands will give me a headache. My graduation cap in high school nearly fit. Back then they didn’t measure your head so it was one size fit all. Back to my point, the larger style is so perfect and I can wear it all day long and forget I have it on.  That is the true test!  If you are wondering if you need the regular or larger headband, the question I ask my brides are “when you wear a headband do they feel comfortable or do you usually get a bit of a headache?”  That will tell me exactly what size you will need for your wedding headband.

I can honestly say, you would be surprised how many emails I receive from brides after their weddings that relate how surprised they were over the comfort of their wedding headband. One bride recently wrote her headband was so comfortable that she completely forgot she had it on and ended up waking in the morning to find it still on.  She assured me in a joking way that this was not due to the champagne.  I laughed so hard, her story just tickled me!

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