Wedding Jewelry and Wedding Tiaras, Which do I purchase first?

by Judith Cartier Oliver on April 6, 2009

Ultimately, purchasing your wedding tiara and wedding jewelry together is everyone’s dream.  Many times, we may have chosen our bridal dress and purchased a tiara at that time not realizing that it may end up being very difficult to match jewelry to your tiara.  This is one of those moments you may feel overwhelmed and want to throw your hands up in the air trying to coordinate all of the details you are keeping track of for your special wedding day.With a little advance planning you can completely avoid this situation.   P1011103

When I first launched the Looney Maiden Jewelry web site my main goal was to offer brides a selection of beautiful wedding day jewelry and wedding tiaras that were affordable and stylishly coordinated.  I will share with you, there were many friends and business owners that thought I was crazy mainly because I offered such a large selection of styles, pearl and crystal colors and fine metals let alone I still offer a very quick turnaround time for orders.  Looking back, I can see why they thought I may have taken off more than I could chew however I now know that I helped create a trend in personalizing and customizing jewelry.  You can easily look on the Internet today and find more jewelry designers who are offering similar ways of customizing.  I take this as a compliment to the vision I started over 10 years ago.  I still handcraft each piece of jewelry and continue to keep a personal touch for every customer.  When you are purchasing your wedding jewelry and tiara, you want to have a personal connection with your jewelry.  After all, not only is your wedding day jewelry being created for the most special day of your life, but your wedding jewelry set will be worn again long after your wedding day. So why not have the best of both worlds!P1012681

When you are ready to purchase your dress there are some important things to take note of so that choosing your wedding jewelry and wedding tiara will be easy.  After all, more times than not your wedding dress may arrive a month or two out from your wedding date and then your wedding dress will spend time in alterations.  typically it is nice if you can purchase your wedding jewelry ahead of time so you can order exactly what you want. 

Once you have purchased your dress, make sure to have a picture of yourself taken wearing the dress.  Long shots are great for the overall look however make sure to take some close ups of your bodice and any beading that may be on the dress.  Make notes about your beading and feel free to ask the color of the crystals and beading at the bridal store. Are the crystals clear? or do they have a rainbow sparkle which means the may have an aurora borealis coating on them.  Are there slimmer beads that are silver lined? Are there sequins that are iridescent or are they more of a silver gray. What color is your dress?  Is it White, Diamond White which is a soft white, Light Ivory or Creamy Ivory.  Many dresses are being created in Light Gold or Champagne colors.  If at all possible, order a swatch or obtain a sample of the material so you can visualize how the colors will blend together.

I know this sounds like a lot of details to take note of but trust me knowing this information will make choosing your wedding jewelry and wedding tiara so much easier.  You will be able to feel confident in choosing your colors and designs.  This also will help when choosing  your wedding day veil too. Once you have all of this information, you will be spring loaded when the time is right to purchase your wedding jewelry.

Each day, I provide consultations to brides who are wanting guidance on choosing their wedding jewelry and coordinating wedding hair jewelry or tiaras. Brides will email me pictures of their dress and their ideas of what they like.  Not only is it perfect to match your dress but I want to impress how important it is to choose wedding jewelry that truly reflects your personality and who you are.  For brides who come to my showroom, I always know which jewelry set they will choose just by how they look at themselves in the mirror.  We all give ourselves a look when we can actually visualize ourselves wearing  the items we are purchasing, from the wedding day dress to the shoes to our wedding day jewelry and hair accessories.

Last year I was approached by the Seattle PI about doing an article about custom wedding jewelry and wedding hair accessories.  The reporter who came to my showrooms wrote such an inspiring article and I share this with you as I felt that she really captured the essence of the advice and guidance that I provide my brides everyday. 

I hope that this article and today’s article will inspire you to get every excited when thinking about what would be the prefect wedding day jewelry and wedding tiara or hair jewelry for you.  Personally, I think choosing our jewelry is that perfect final touch and it really is all about the girl in us!

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