Wedding Jewelry Gift Guide – Is it alright to purchase bridal jewelry for the bride?

by Judith Cartier Oliver on December 5, 2009

Purchasing bridal jewelry as a wedding jewelry gift can be a great way of adding something special to a bride’s day. Whether you purchase a necklace and earring set, a pearl bracelet or chandelier earrings, you want your gift to be special and create a picture perfect moment.


Here are some guidelines that can be helpful to follow.

  • It can be very romantic for the groom to purchase a bridal jewelry gift. My rule of thumb is consult with the mother of the bride or her maid of honor for their advice on choosing her wedding jewelry. You can have them look at pictures online or take them for a day of shopping.  Even though the groom may not want to see or know anything about the wedding gown, choosing bridal jewelry can easily be done without knowing what her dress looks like.
  • You might also want to purchase a bridal jewelry set that she will wear later at the reception or on her honeymoon. This can be a wonderful keepsake gift for her that she can wear for years to come.
  • Try to find out and confirm from her friends and family whether the bride has bought her wedding day jewelry. Personally I think it is best to purchase wedding jewelry that can be integrated into the day or even be a keepsake piece.  Brides do not want to hurt anyone’s feelings by not wearing a wedding jewelry set they received and yet they may have already chosen what they are intending on wearing for their wedding accessories.  
  • You can easily add in a fun wedding jewelry gift by purchasing her a “something blue” ankle bracelet. This is something she can easily wear and will have fun wearing long after her wedding day.
  • If you know she has purchased a bridal jewelry set, find out where it is from and contact the designer about adding another piece of matching jewelry such as a bracelet.

Choosing to purchase bridal jewelry can be the sweetest gesture. Just keep the wedding jewelry gift guide ideas above in mind as you venture into the world of  pearls and crystal jewelry!

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