Wedding Jewelry – More New Bridal Jewelry designs available

by Judith Cartier Oliver on April 20, 2009

We have added in over 80 new wedding jewelry designs this past week. I have been tickled by so many of my customer noticing the new designs already and several of the new styles are already popular in just one week!  I love that as I am always excited to present my new Swarovski crystal bridal jewelry designs and receive feedback.I spend much of the winter months creating the new wedding jewelry designs for the year as this is when I have time to be in the moment and feel creative.  I have so many bridal jewelry and bridesmaid jewelry designs in my head so I always say it is having the time to actually create my vision.  I am asked quite often how I come up with new wedding day jewelry designs. Some artists sketch their designs. I have to admit I do dance to my own beat and my designs are literally visualized in my brain and I create straight from what I call my hard drive of my brain. Sometimes I need to play with the designs as I always want my jewelry designs to be easily wearable and lay nicely when worn.  My personal feeling is wedding jewelry should be beautiful, feminine and low maintenance.  I feel that you should be able to wear your jewelry without having to fiddle with it to make sure it is laying or hanging right and it should feel comfortable when worn.  bracelet-090419-03

Here is one of the newest crystal bridal bracelets which has already become popular this last week. I love this wedding jewelry design as it has just a light touch of pearls to provide a visual texture and is delicate and sparkly.  This particular bracelet is a beautiful coordinating wedding accessory to one of the new multi strand crystal wedding necklace and matching crystal bridal earrings. This mufti strand crystal and pearl bracelet is a perfect compliment for dresses that have crystal and pearl beading. It is very comfortable and light to wear for your wedding day.

The crystal wedding necklace below is another necklace-090419-07 perfect compliment to this bracelet.  There are 3 delicate tiers of crystal and pearl beading with Swarovski crystal teardrops. The upper crystal necklace strands sit over the collar bone with the third strand creating a Y style drop above your bodice. This is a perfect necklace for adding sparkle and yet it is very delicate looking so it does not take over or overwhelms your wedding gown.

If you prefer a round style necklace, here is P1010432 another example of a round style multi strand Swarovski crystal and pearl necklace that is delicate looking but will show up in your wedding photos. This crystal bridal jewelry is created to sit at the base of your neck and have the second strand sit over your collar bone. earrings-090507-02

The crystal bridal earrings to the right make a perfect wedding jewelry set of earrings to accompany the bridal bracelet and crystal bridal necklace seen above. The crystal teardrop wedding earrings are one of my most popular styles over the many years.  I love the simplicity of the design and adding the crystal teardrop at the bottom gives a little more of a dramatic look and at the same time looks light and feminine.

Choosing wedding jewelry can feel overwhelmingly as we try to create our perfect wedding day. I can not impress enough choosing styles that you feel comfortable wearing and that everyone would say “your bridal jewelry looks just like you”.  This is when we know we have chosen just the perfect  wedding day accessories. We have chosen wedding jewelry that truly reflects who we are. I might add that your honey will think so too!

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