Weddings in Seattle Ideas to create your beautiful ceremony!

by Judith Cartier Oliver on June 4, 2013

Thinking about having your wedding in Seattle?  The options abound for creating a beautiful wedding day!   Seattle is known for the beautiful Puget Sound and waterways, the view of the gorgeous Cascade or Olympic Mountain ranges,  the lush green landscapes, colorful flowers and the list goes on.  Seattle is also known for a range of options from the classic and contemporary to stepping out of the box and being completely different.  It is a city that embraces individuality.


As you think about your wedding day celebration, I encourage you to start off by answering some very simple questions below. These will help create some guidelines and ideas as you venture forward in your planning

  • Who do you intend on inviting to share in your beautiful wedding day?
  • What type of  ceremony  would best represent who you are as a couple?
  • Where do you envision taking your vows? 
  • When is your wedding date?  Which Season will it be? Which day of the week?
  • How much do you want to spend?

Once you have answered these questions you are ready for the next step.  Make sure to write your ideas down!


The first step is to find your wedding ceremony and reception area.  There are endless possibilities or where to have your wedding in Seattle.  You may decide to have your ceremony in one location and reception in an alternate location.  There are no rules, rather it is more important to choose the settings that will make you most happy! 


Even though we certainly have our share of rain here in Seattle, we still have many beautiful days even in the Fall.    We also can show our individual style such as the couple in the picture above.  I love the added turquoise rain boots and purple parasol!  So much fun to be able to add in your own personal elements for your special day.


The Seattle skyline is one of so much beauty!  Even an evening wedding can be amazingly beautiful capturing the essence of the city in which you share your love. For attendees visiting from out of state, just think of all the awesomeness Seattle has to offer them too!

AS a couple, discuss all of your ideas together.  Visit local wedding shows to meet local Seattle vendors to discuss your ideas and find out options and costs. Visit venues to find just the right place!  Buy local wedding magazines such as Seattle Bride & Groom and Seattle Bride for even more ideas. Join the local Seattle Knot forums to talk with other brides who are also in the middle of their wedding planning for referrals and ideas.

Wedding planning takes time, in the end it is very much worth the time spent. In the coming weeks I will discuss each step and give you planning ideas for creating your perfect wedding in Seattle!

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