What Bridal Jewelry to wear with Swarovski crystal and pearl beaded wedding gowns

by Judith Cartier Oliver on June 17, 2009

I am asked quite often for my expertise on what type of bridal jewelry should be worn with wedding gowns that have crystal or pearl beading.  There are many options to think about for blending just the perfect bridal jewelry with the essence of your wedding gown. 

For wedding gowns with light and scattered crystal and pearl beading, you can really go one of two ways in your choice for your wedding jewelry.  You can choose to focus on the crystal accents and wear all crystal bridal jewelry or you can choose a pearl with accent crystal necklace to bring in the color of the fabric of your dress with the light crystal accents.  For example, for a strapless gown that has perhaps a light layer of tulle that has scattered crystal accents you might choose to add in a 2 strand crystal bridal necklace with short crystal drop bridal earrings and a single or double strand crystal bridal bracelet which will add just enough sparkle to your wedding day look and will not take away from your beautiful wedding gown.  In the picture below, you will see a great example of a two strand crystal bridal necklace and earring set that can add just the right amount of sparkle and balance to your look. Add in a double strand crystal bridal bracelet and you are set to go.


If you wish to bring more pearls and a light sparkle to your bridal jewelry you can choose a bridal jewelry set that has more pearls and accent crystals to let the sparkles on your dress stand out.   The next picture shows a bridal jewelry set style that can work well to achieve the look of pearls and add in the lightness of the crystal beads to give just a hint of sparkle to your bridal jewelry set.set-031107-02

For bridal gowns that have heavily beaded bodices it can be a bit trickier when choosing your bridal jewelry set however the ultimate goal is achieving a beautiful balance between the beading on your bodice and your wedding jewelry set.  There is a misnomer that if you have a heavily beaded bodice on your wedding gown that you should not wear any necklace and keep the jewelry simple.  Nothing could be further from the truth sometimes.  If you are not going to wear a bridal necklace, then I suggest a long drop earring or a pair of crystal or pearl chandelier earrings so that you set off your neckline.

 earrings-090507-02 earrings-090607-01

Displayed in the pictures above, the crystal drop earrings on the left can be a perfect accent for your beaded gown. Using mainly crystal and adding tiny pearl accents these drop earrings are a favorite.  The crystal teardrop earrings will add a little length to create a balanced look and elegance. Then add in your beautiful multi strand crystal bracelet to match and you will have just the perfect touch.

That being said, you really can wear a necklace with many beaded bodices and my rule of thumb is stay delicate and light with your bridal necklace choice.  The whole idea is to wear a necklace that has a feel and look of the beading in a lighter way.

necklace-20090325-03 necklace-090507-01

In the pictures above, the round choker style bridal necklace on the left has a delicate beading effect with crystals and light accents of pearls.  The bridal necklace to the right is a popular example of a two strand crystal bridal necklace that has a Y drop and crystal beading with light pearl accents. As you look at these pictures you may feel that this might be too much for the dress but the opposite is true much of the time.  By adding in the multi strand necklace you can create a perfect balance to blend the beading on your wedding gown with your jewelry creating that perfect balance look.

bracelet-090419-03 bracelet-090420-01

Now that you are finding your perfect bridal jewelry, you can add in the finishing touch of a crystal bridal bracelet. The five strand crystal and pearl bridal bracelet on the left is a new style this year and has been a widely popular choice.  There is just enough tiny pearls to create a texture which can accent the beading on your gown and enough delicate crystal to sparkle.  The single strand crystal bracelet on the right is perfect especially when wearing long drop earrings with your bridal gown.

I hope this information has been helpful as you consider the perfect choice for your bridal jewelry set. As you can see, there are lots of choices to choose from. Bridal jewelry is an important accessory to add the finishing touch to your wedding day look. I always say when you put your dress and jewelry together, it should look like your entire bridal ensemble came together. Take some time and think about your own personal style with jewelry you wear and then take it up a notch. After all it is your wedding day!

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